Where was I…

I had a party here at the Landfill yesterday and I managed to actually cook/assemble/whatever-you-want-to-call-it a whole bunch of food and do some other chores and eat and drink wine and participate in a relatively social way without hiding behind my computer writing or processing pictures or whatever. And I lasted until late in the evening without getting totally, completely, utterly, absolutely wiped out. And that has been a rare event in the last few years. We ate out in the back yard and had a fire in the GG’s birthday backyard fire contraption and listened to music from the neighbors’ house that corners up to the southeast corner of our yard behind the shed and all the poison ivy. Loud patriotic music and Copa Cabana and Y.M.C.A. We were singing along to that one and laughing out loud and maybe that’s why they toned it down before they started in on the Sound of Music. We used to spend tons of time in the backyard, watching the beach urchins run around and swim. (In little KMart kid pools, we don’t have a swimming pool back there.) And then we shot off some fireworks that the GG had stashed that I didn’t know he had. Which set off dogs and raccoons and probably scared Joan when one of them veered off over her back yard. Which is a little weird because back in the day, Burke and the GG used to have fireworks *wars*. We sat out there with NP Jane until the skeeters came out and even after that, I was able to finish most of the clean up and still not feel like I needed to be flat out somewhere. And the weather? Clear, sunny and 70s. Finally to bed around midnight and up early walking this morning. Well maybe not *quite* as early as usual but only half hour later at the most. Anyway, it wasn’t a Piedmont party on Fin Family Moominbeach but it was an A-OK holiday!

And there’s Froggy sitting there patiently in his owner’s little red wagon, which has been transformed into a log truck. Waiting for the party to begin. Patiently? Not. He was all looped up on frog juice and Listerine. Don’t kid yerself.

P.S. to yesterday’s post. I did end up sending my daughter to the Plum Market. For booze, no less. White wine to be specific. She rode her bike and we didn’t end up needing the wine after all. Be prepared!

P.P.S. Click here or on Froggy’s Logmobile for a tour of the Landfill backyard. With commentary.

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