On hospital time (aka, things happen when they happen)

If you enlarge the photoooo (or maybe even if you don’t), you might notice the icicles hanging there down at the bottom of the sign. I didn’t get to bed particularly early last night (still running on adrenaline) but I slept pretty darn well. It was still dark when the house phone rang. “What the heck time is it?” I wondered as I stumbled around looking for the closest phone. It was 6:30 AM. Way past my usual wake-up time, and it was The Commander with “bring me this, bring me that, wa wa wa…”. Okaaayyy. Thoughts of sneaking in a little early morning walk evaporated. Rock and roll, KW. You’re on. Shower, grab stuff, and out.

If I had known there was actual *ice* on my vee-hickle windows, I would’ve tested out the Outback’s remote starter. (Hey, we need a better name for this loverly green vee-hickle than “the Outback”. Anyone?) Anyway, even though the Goddess Paulette texted me with a freezing rain warning, I didn’t think to do that. Fortunately, it was pretty wimpy ice and melted quickly with the defrogger on. (Roads, at least here in town, were just wet.)

Yesterday, I did not eat ANYTHING until around three in the afternoon. It was okay yesterday (adrenaline again) but I knew it wouldn’t be okay today. So I grabbed an omelet and coffee to go at Kenny’s Pitchen and settled in to eat it in The Comm’s room. Where I had the pleasure of watching two goddesses of physical and occupational therapy get her up and walking down the hall (assisted and with a walker, but still).

Back up the hill to do some laundry, etc., leaving instructions with The Comm to let me know when the Goddess Barb arrived for a visit. Lunch with the Goddess Barb at Karl’s Cuisine / Superior Whinery, then walked back to the hoosegow. Discharge person apparated out of nowhere. Okay, but the jury is out about goddess status, we’ll see how I feel after the horse-trading happens. If I feel like people are trying to steamroll over me… Well, you know… (BTW, there seem to be differing opinions about when and to where discharge happens. Between KW and The Comm, that is…) Yay, weekend cover doc comes in. Have known him since he was a kid (Engineer’s age). Hears ER story and is HORRIFIED! “What? You had every right to be upset!” Indeed.

Leave for some thinking/processing time and drive out to the beach. Glad to have the Outback. I’d’ve had to park the Ninja at Lewigi’s (which would’ve been fine except I was short on time). The Ninja would’ve gotten stuck either in the mud on the road or the snow in the driveway. Beach? What the heck? I have an umbrella and boots and the wind is *not* out of the northwest. I walked the beach. I needed that. Still don’t have any firm decisions made about the future. The path is becoming a little less fuzzy but many factors to consider.

Back here finishing laundry and futzing around at six when brrrrrinnnngggg, “more tests you need to know about wa wa wa”. Okay, be right down. At least she is using her room phone, not to mention the nurse’s call button. The only times Grandroobly ever used a call button was when he sat on it or something and we won’t even talk about the phone. Turns out tests are *not* tonight (I knew they wouldn’t be) but Monday morning. Hung around until The Comm got sleepy, then came home and am finally eating the second half of my shrimp scampi linguine from last night. No drywall dust, thank you very much.

P.S. Sharp-shinned hawk at the beach today!

6 Responses to “On hospital time (aka, things happen when they happen)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hospitals have their own routines, don’t they? It’s a whole other world in there. I’m glad that you are getting support and FOOD. I ate very little when my husband was in the hospital; I was running all over and too drained. (my pants did fit better though) How about the Mean Green Machine, MGM for short? 😉

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I like MGM for a name. Very good Margaret! It is good that the Commander is using the call button and phone. It is hopefully a sign that she is recovering. I am glad that you are taking time to eat and rest. You don’t need to get sick. Take care of yourself, Anne. Hug your mom.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Haha! I love it. Except then, “Mean Green Frog Machine” just popped into my head. Will have to roll that one around a while!

    I am very, very, very lucky that this hospital is a block from one wonderful restaurant and within 5-6 blocks of a few other favorites. I can almost always find a parking space right outside the building and the elevator is almost always empty (2 floors). And it is about a 5-minute drive away from where I’m staying, through small-town streets. Makes it easy to come and go. Although there’s always the risk of missing something important on the “go” side of that…

  4. Janice Miller Says:

    Sandy called me today to tell me about Fran. We’re at Katie’s and we were planning to come home tomorrow, but have cancelled until Monday because of the weather. I will try to call you on Monday when we get home. Hugs to both you and Fran. I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a difficult time. Hopefully I can be of help when I get home.
    Love Jan

  5. Pooh Says:

    Hugs to you and Fran! High fives to PT and OT goddesses for working on walking with Fran.

    Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  6. l4827 Says:

    Glad to hear that the Comm is in the right hands now. While she is on the mend, hope you do get enough rest and sustenance. That was an incredulous ER experience. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you.