From a snowswept, ice-glazed northern outpost

I think that the illicit batscope-hour underwear-washing incident will eventually rank right up there with the purse in the graveyard incident. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. To protect the innocent (or whatever you want to call them), don’tcha know.

Yes, adding a few folks to my list of goddesses today. Nurse Sharolyn and movie goddesses Shirley and Audrey and a passel of PT/OT ladies. And a meal-planning goddess. When the heck did somebody actually come and ask you what you *wanted* for your next hospital meal? Describing all of the available options and offering choices that aren’t even on the menu (oh, we even go out and buy ingredients that aren’t on hand if a patient needs something special). Big I-love-my-work smile the whole time. Wow! When Grandroobly was down at the HF Hoosegow, they seemed to bring the same big hunks of meat with every meal. Hey, aren’t hospitals supposed to promote healthy menus? Oh well. He didn’t touch most of what they brought him anyway. A little fruit, a bite or two of dessert. It is totally different here and now at our little small-city hospital and there may be too much food for The Comm to finish but she is interested in it and engaged in making choices.

The Commander? Well, let’s just say that when I told some of these hospital goddesses that was her name, they *got* it! She had multiple sessions of PT / OT today and was observed (when I wasn’t there) practicing with the “theraband” on her own without anyone prompting her. Visitors and phone calls and I went around the corner and bought her a bunch of magazines. The New Yorker and National Geographic and some other good literary-type magazines. She’s doing well and regaining strength (as always, knock on wood). More tests tomorrow to try to determine what caused her problems in the first place. And we will go from there.

I certainly did not have a bad day but I am exhausted. I am going in 16 directions at once at any given time. I am talking to so many people all of the time, beloved relatives and friends, hospital personnel, The Comm’s various business and social connections. Phone and email and text and twitter and facebook and face-to-face. I have been *beating* my social anxiety into retreat! But if I am talking to you and repeat myself, please excuse me. I can’t remember who I have told what! I know that when we have finally fully stabilized the situation I am going to need to bug out for a while. Not that I don’t TOTALLY appreciate all of the support we have received from so very many people! Because I do. I love you all!

In truth, my current situation is as easy as it gets (despite the rough start) for having an elderly parent in the hoosegow (again, knock on wood). I have a free place to stay. It is about a mile from here down to the hoosegow. Takes me five minutes or so to get there. I can park right outside the building. She is on the second floor. I have never had to wait for an elevator and I have shared one with someone else three times and one of those times my fellow passenger was the Grinch. The nursing staff and OT/PT goddesses are fantastic and they seem to understand what The Commander is all about. (Oh, I already said that, didn’t I? See, I’m repeating myself 😉 )

Today was a gorgeous day. Blowing snow all day long. Rough water on the St. Mary’s. Hulking freighters looming out of the swirling snow. I was actually wandering around Woldemort this afternoon trying to think what I wanted to eat (all my fave take-out joints are closed on Sunday), when the mean old grunchie old Grinch called. “Wanna go out to eat tonight?” Well, yes! Palace Saloon. We lingered a bit. I would’ve liked a second glass of whine but I needed to hit the hoosegow for good night and then slither up the hill on the ice-glazed streets to home. (Yes, I am glad I have the Mean Green Frog-Hopping Machine (all-wheel drive) with me and not my beloved little Ninja. Not to mention my ski jacket. And my boots. You can take the girl out of the Yooperland but you can’t take the Yooperland out of the girl.)

I got home and finally poured that second glass of whine and checked my email and there was my cuzzint Uber Kayak Woman home from a ski weekend. I started to write an email and then I just bagged it and called. Just the person to bounce my thoughts off of. Another goddess. (Yes, there are some gods around too. Aside from the Grinch, they are playing behind-the-scenes roles for the moment.)

Gotta rock ‘n’ roll tomorrow morning. Good night. -KW

4 Responses to “From a snowswept, ice-glazed northern outpost”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s great that you’re getting so much support, but it’s still overwhelming. So many details!! The Commander has a wonderful attitude! I also like the name for the new vehicle. 🙂

  2. isa Says:

    Miss you mama.

  3. jane Says:

    Hope Fran is continuing her improvement each day. now – tell me more about the underwear washing incident??? 😉

  4. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Give your Mom a big hug for me.