The day the ice came in from Gitchee Gumee

Boy oh boy, what a long day! Lots of activity for The Commander, a fair amount of activity for me plus some hurry-up-and-wait time. Short-term decisions made and long-term decisions coming a bit closer into focus.

Another goddess shows up. Connie! I think I have met Connie once before. She is the goddess of house-cleaning. And many many many other things, including keeping her ear to the ground about what is going on with her clients. Seriously, there are house-cleaners and there are house-cleaners. I’m sure that Connie (like all of us) appreciates being paid for the work she is hired to do. It’s just that she goes so far above and beyond. I could have canceled her for today but I wanted to talk to her. In truth, I would have paid her just to talk to me. But I know she would not accept money for that and she had a plan for cleaning and so – after we had done some talking – she proceeded with that. And darn it. I have been doing a *terrible* job of cleaning up after myself since I’ve been here and The Comm was not feeling well enough last week to manage the place the way she usually does. It is gorgeous here tonight and it smells good!

A god! One that I can write about. Harold. PT (OT?) Shoot he even provided a succinct explanation of the difference that even your fav-o-rite over-filled-brain blahgger could understand and she *still* can’t remember which he is). Anyway. Blarney? Oh yes. Get the patient engaged in telling her life story *while* doing her theraband exercises, tell a bit about your own life story and count the number of times she has *done* the exercise while you are at all of that. I slid a sidewise glance at him at one point and said, “You might be getting more of a story than you asked for.” “No, no. I love this stuff.” Yes! Getting to know the patient and what she’s all about! Plus he’s a multi-tasker after my own heart. Multi-tasker? Me? Well. I hope I remember to take the blasted garbage out tomorrow morning.

This PT / OT team will still work with The Commander after she is discharged to rehab tomorrow or Wednesday. Or… We’re on hospital time, don’tcha know.

There were a lot of tests and things today and because of that, I hung around and around and around until the doc finally made an appearance in the late afternoon. That was well worth it but that’s all I’m gonna say about that. While he was there, my iPhone rang. Unfortunately, it was plugged in across the room and I wouldda had to interrupt the conversation to get to it. When I finally checked who called, it was none other than Jeep and Pan! My snowbird cuzzints have returned to the beach after spending the winter with the Tucson Crew and others. I knew they wanted to know about The Commander but I thought, “Heck, why talk on the phone. Things are stable here. I’ll go out to the beach!”

And so I did. And I dunno if you can tell but the Goddess Barb told me at lunch that a whole bunch of ice was heading in toward our beach from Gitchee Gumee and would be there by this afternoon. She was right, it was. The Goddess Paulette observed two eagles chasing a seagull on the beach. And I observed boats waiting in line for a downbound lock this evening. Others have noticed an uptick in traffic too. Not sure what it means but snow and ice be damned, the north shall rise again!

One Response to “The day the ice came in from Gitchee Gumee”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a positive day! (although cold and icy?) Your mom is fortunate in her care and in her family.