Hurry up and wait.

You get somebody into the horspittal and the first couple days are full of activity. Tests and evaluations and all kinds of horspittal folks in and out. Today we were starting to feel like old-timers. Still lots of nurse, CNA, and PT / OT visits but things are settling down (knock on wood) and we’re awaiting a move to rehab in another wing of the hoosegow. On the other hand, as news of the Commander’s temporary residence spreads, can you say *visitors*? Yes. People and flowers and cards and a gorgeous hand-knitted blanket. I was away for a while today and when I went back down to check on her, she was exhausted.

New gods and goddesses? Well, there’s Elvira, who I have heard a lot about but never met before. Apparently she gave the ER doc absolute hell during the Comm’s first visit there last Thursday. (He may have made more of a mistake than he knows, since The Comm knows a lot of people and they know a lot of people and this story may well get around this beautiful little city.) And there is Vonda. The Commander had a haircut appointment this morning. At first I thought I would have to cancel it. And then I looked in the mirror… In the end, I marched over to A Cut Above the Rest*, explained to Vonda about The Comm and asked her if she would cut *my* hair. She totally “got” that I am a wash-and-wear kind of gal and didn’t try to do anything fussy. We talked a mile a minute the whole time. I think she did a great job, don’t you? A bit of a disclaimer. The photoooo is apped. My hair was very blonde when I was a little kid but darkened to a luuuuverly dishwater blonde color. That color is now heavily laced with gray/white and I look just a weeee bit more bleached in the photooo than in real life.

Stability reigns downtown (knock on wood). Telemetry stuff removed yesterday. PT / OT continues to go well. Waiting for the promised bed in rehab to actually open up. Lots and lots of visitors the last couple days as the news gets around town. Flowers and cards and even a cute little stuffed bunny. This woman is popular! Roight. Repeating moiself again 😉

*The Comm: “You can park in the back of the beauty shop.” KW: “Mooooom!! The place is a blasted block from the horspittal. I don’t need no stinkin’ parking place. I am gonna walk!”

The only reason I am driving to the *horspittal* is so I have the Mean Green Frog-hoppin’ Machine at the ready!

6 Responses to “Hurry up and wait.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the hair!!

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Great Haircut, Anne! It probably did you a lot of good to be pampered a little and have a talk with Vonda. I’m glad you are there for your mom, but take care of yourself too.

  3. Marquis Says:

    Nice photo. I know it is hard, but a smile would have made it nicer.

  4. Mouse Says:

    We can call it “The Frog-Hopper” for short!

  5. Pooh Says:

    Love your haircut. I’m sure it’s not high priority, but you might ask Vonda if she’d come to the hoosegow to cut the Comm’s hair. Love to you and your mom!

  6. gene Says:

    Hi Anne,

    Nice haircut. I think Vonda cut mine a couple of summers ago and I was pleased with the job. Good person to have around. I’m with Pooh on the possible visit to the hospital.

    Love to you and Fran