Art Fair Avoidance

I have lived here on the planet for 27 years now (yeah really, it scares me too) and this is one of the years that I am *not* going to the art fair, even though I could walk there if I really wanted to. I have negative extra money at the moment and I am trying to *get rid* of stuff, not collect more and I don’t think Marti Lindquist, my favorite jeweler of all time, is there this year. I am almost afraid to check. Anyway, I am just too busy to hang around downtown with about a brazillion hot, sweaty people and their screaming kids. So, this week, I have hung out in Grand Blanc with the Shields family no less than twice. I have hung around with Jean at the YAG summer theatre camp even though I had no responsibilities or obligations to be there. And today I rented one o’ them thar carpet cleaners. It was way past time. I cannot believe the color of the water that came out of that thing when I used it. I think I am gonna have to rent one o’ them thar things again in the fall. We’ll see what color water comes out of it the next time. I have brute-forced a lot of furniture and other crap around today. In order to even steam-clean the central area of the back room, I had to schlep these items downstairs:

  • An old dead printer.
  • A printer that still has not been taken out of the box. Go figure.
  • The “old” TV that is actually much newer than the *ancient* TV from the old HL cabin, the one that we are currently using. (Yeah, I know. That sentence is hard to track if you are not a Courtois. Or maybe even if you are.)
  • I forget what else…

I am tired. I think I will go to Houghton Lake tomorrow and hang out with a sister-in-law or two or three. Y’all gonna be there? Gay? Lizard? Joanny? Be there or be square!!!

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