Shambling Mounds

Lizard and Jess hold a cross-country conversation about old high school notes
That’s the Commander’s old computer in the back there

There are shambling mounds in this picture but they aren’t easy to see. 21-plus years’ worth of paperwork cascaded out of the closet today with big whomping noises as clumps of paper hit the floor. There were at least three grocery bags full of recycling when I left this afternoon. A few gems that were not recycled:

  • Overhead slides from “Muksaslooie,” a 5th grade IRP about the infamous white and black cat that once ruled the beach and probably still haunts it. Her current opinion about the slides is something like, “these are so awful I’m surprised I got credit for this project,” so here’s a pic of the real thing and, yes, he is about to bite me in the picture.


  • Teacher comments about a home-made video of Hamlet filmed in high school. I have vague memories about this project. Appropriately enough, I was *not* involved in it. Given what I *do* remember, I was pretty surprised at how much the teacher liked it.
  • A long note, written from Jess to Lizard completely in a number substitution code with “What are you going to write your health paper on?” in English at the bottom. Actually, I think this did get recycled because the Lizard couldn’t decipher it.
  • “Liz’s packing list for S. Dakota” and a trip diary that mainly talks about when, where and what we ate. Oatmeal for breakfast. Buffalo burgers at Wall Drugs. Etc. The pistachio nut incident was not mentioned. This was one of those family vacations where everybody gets sick and the car breaks down and the dog runs away. Or was that Disney World? Anyway, you get the idea. I liked the badlands. Y’all can *have* Mt. Rushmore and its parking structure.
  • An illustrated Thanksgiving menu from 1998. Why do I know it was 1998? Because “Pooh’s Garlic Soup” is on there and that was the year of the Ganzhorn Grab. The St. Louie RegenAxes came out for t-day that year and I remember standing in my living room with them and Bugs and Horsey, drinking champagne and gabbing for what seemed like hours.
  • Last but not least, a schedule of the hours appropriate for visiting Mouse in her bedroom. Words cannot really describe this:


5 Responses to “Shambling Mounds”

  1. Mouse Says:

    are you sure that was mine? i have absolutely no memory of that whatsoever. also, you have better not be talking moom, until you stop for a good long time and think about your own behaviour with that frog. enough said. no words, indeed!

  2. sam Says:

    How could I have (temporarily) forgotten Muksaslooie?! He looked so much like our Booz-azz (aka Omar Ben Sufi)!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I’ll have to do a Muksaslooie blahg entry soon. Quite the extraordinary cat!

    Other cat adventures at the cabin include the time my cat Twinkle had kittens in a box in our cabin with a bunch of beach urchins looking on in awe. Honest to Pete, I do not know why that cat was not neutered. I’ll have to ask The Commander.

  4. frooogy Says:

    grok grok. I tried t’ leave a comment ‘n’ thishere piece o’ crap musta ate it ‘r somethin’. grok grok. Aunt Mouse, th’ ol’ witch ‘n’ yer sis both think it is yer handwritin’ on th’ note. grok grok groook.

  5. Kate Says:

    That is a SERIOUS CAT!!