Let there be spring!

And so, this morning when I woke up it was pouring rain. I bagged my walk [again], finished washing up the dishes I had left to soak overnight, stuffed my clothing into my duffle bag, and prepared to leave the Yooperland. I looked out into the driveway at the Squatter’s Paradise and there was the Wetsu Truck! The mean old grunchie old grinchie had come in to town to drop off none other than Green Guy with me for a rocket trip to the Planet Ann Arbor. It is Green Guy’s first trip outta the Yooperland in anyone’s memory. The Grinch carefully buckled Green Guy and Froggy into the passenger seat of the Ninja and off we went. Softy Beanbag (and the Mean Green Frog-hoppin’ Machine) stayed in the Yooperland with the GG.

I told The Commander “Seeya Sunday” last night and didn’t visit her this morning. She told me she was fine with that but I still left with a heavy, guilty heart. It didn’t help when I learned that today wasn’t a particularly good day for her. A gastro-intestinal “bug” had her a bit down. (I was much relieved to hear that she felt better in the late afternoon and could eat dinner and that, despite the bug, she was well enough to be able to work with the PT / OT rockstars a bit.)

Still, it was an interesting drive down. I love to drive and I was in my element with the 6-speed manual Ninja and I was absolutely, utterly, totally aware of the traffic on the I75 SUV Speedway. But my brain was in a kind of a stew. In truth, I was in a bit of a slow burn today, brainstorming with myself about how I can best advocate for The Commander when she and our team needs me to do that. At some point in time, Grandroobly and The Engineer and Radical Betty and her brother Austin and sister Charlotte may start calling her over to the other side but I don’t think we’re anywhere near that yet (knock on wood). I am determined that she will have the best of care, even if I have to piss some people off. Again, there is no instruction book for any of this.

I landed on The Planet Ann Arbor around 1:00 PM today. Was I over-dressed for the weather? Yes, I was. I went inside and threw some towels in the washing machine and then I sat. I sat in front of this loverly old MacBook for quite some time. I could not move. I finally *dragged* myself out and walked over to the Plum Market. What do I want to eat tonight? What do I want to eat tonight? The place was jammed with people shopping for their Easter dinner tomorrow. Now, we do not really observe Easter here at the Landfill. When the beach urchins were young, we observed it in an egg-coloring, Easter bunny, secular sort of way. Now? Well, anything goes. One Easter it was 90 degrees out (on April 7th) and we hauled our kayaks down to the Urine Huron River. I think our breakfast that day was cheerios in a baggie, a banana, and V8. I don’t remember if I cooked a special dinner or not. Probably, but certainly nothing exceptionally memorable.

Anyway. I envied all of those Easter dinner shoppers just a bit. I wanted to be shopping with an actual list. A purpose. Alas, I was just wandering. I ended up with some salmon and veggies to saute and a wee bit of takeout salad for lunch. I got coffee and a hash brown from the Gaylord Mickey-Ds at around 10 this morning but I knew it wasn’t enough. I don’t think I talked to myself at the Plum Market. Much.

I wish I could say that the Plum Market perked me up a bit. Not. I got back here and slodged around for a very long time. Finally I mustered up a bit of gumption and walked downtown. I needed a good long walk and I needed a hug from one of my beach urchins. Mouse was at work downtown and so off I went. About the time I got back home, Mouse was parking Daisy in front of the Landfill. She took a shower and then *we* went for a bit of a walk. Our first stop was at Goose Mom’s house. Goose Mom is moving down to where the stars at night are big and bright and, even though these days I probably see Goose Mom more on FB than I do in the neighborhood, I am going to miss her big time!!!

Plum Market (yes again, loverly to have an upscale grokkery store within walking distance) and home again. Mouse is out celebrating her birthday (which is tomorrow) with friends this evening. I am here in the loverly old Landfill. Feeling a little better about life. At least for the moment. And knocking on wood big-time! Brunch with my birthday girl tomorrow (24 on the 24th) and then rocketing back to the Yooperland.

Love y’all,
Boomerang Woman

2 Responses to “Let there be spring!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    There doesn’t seem like there is enough of you to go around. Make sure to make time for yourself and to recharge your own batteries. As the saying goes, you’re meeting yourself coming and going. Take care–hope the Comm continues her progress. Happy Birthday to Mouse!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I’m with you on the Easter bit. Often we worship at the Church of the Spoken Wheel, but today’s weather may prevent that, at least for me. (Le Marquis may be out with the Easter Bunny right now.) Was, not may, as he just came back.

    Happy Birthday, Mouse! Dan’s had his birthday at least twice on Easter, but I guess this is the first for you.