I *would* choose a horse that leaves in an ambulance

Wouldn’t you know, the horse I picked (Archarcharch) was the horse that was put into a horse ambulance after the Derby. I don’t really know a dern thing about horse racing but somewhere along the line, the GG and I began a tradition of watching the Kentucky Derby every year. We used to do mint juleps but I really don’t like them, at least not the version that the GG would make. They involved making what he called a “slurry” of mint / sugar syrup. Only an engineer would make a drink with a slurry. I finally decided that I didn’t really like mint juleps, at least not that version of them, so we just do a regular manhattan now. We don’t bet. I pick horses by the name I like the best. Some years the names are really boring but this year I had a tough time choosing, mostly because I couldn’t seem to easily google up a simple list of horse names. The Comm picked Brilliant Speed and The GG picked Pants on the Ground or whatever.

Here’s the good news. Lunch today. We walked with The Commander from the long term care to Penny’s Kitchen (and back) for lunch. She is using a four-wheeled walker these days but she managed that trip (about three blocks one way) with absolutely NO PROBLEM! One of her former physical therapists suggested that trip to me and helped me plan the route. I am very impressed by the progress The Commander has made with her PT / OT therapy and I am very thankful for the absolutely fabulous care she has received at the small-town hospital here in Sault Ste. Siberia.

And then. We picked The Comm up for a late afternoon visit to her own loverly home, known as the Squatter’s Paradise in recent weeks. She was at the ready with a hand-written list of things to do at Command Central and she puttered around here for quite some time before the Derby happened and dinner was served. Pork roast, mashed potatoes, and asparagus and I made sure there was a nice leafy green salad. The horspittle does a better job on food than even a few years ago but green salad with anything but iceberg lettuce can be hard to manage for the masses, even the small masses at WMH.

The photooo? That snow there in the lower right is what’s left of last winter’s snowbanks. That was this morning when I drove out to the moomincabin to take a foggy beach walk. When the GG and I went back out there after lunch, the snow had diminished considerably and, a few hours later, it was maybe six inches in diameter.

And now, the mean old grunchie old grinchie is here testing out his new ‘puter. Good night. Rocket trip to A2 tomorrow. Work presentation on Tuesday! 🙂

Is this incoherent? I feel incoherent. I hope Archarcharch is okay. Good night. Again.

3 Responses to “I *would* choose a horse that leaves in an ambulance”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a funny name for a horse and it is ironic that your pick had to leave in an ambulance! Still, more good news here than bad, especially about the Commander. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    my favorite horse name was Pants on Fire but didn’t get to bet on that one. did bet on Midnight Interlude (ooh la la!). and of course ended up losing my $2 at a friends house. but did enjoy a LOVELY mojito. Mint Juleps are too strong for me.

    hey – I have a little package for you so will stop by the house later this afternoon to drop it off.

  3. l4827 Says:

    We went to the track at Northville, this time, for our yearly $2 bet on da ponies. Diane liked the lady jockey on Pants on Fire. Her other half finished just out of the money, loosing at the wire, with Sh’ACK’leford, :-).