One loverly Sunday in May

Mother’s Day, Shmother’s Day. I guess I didn’t exactly forget that today was a greeting card holiday. (Actually, *is* it a greeting card holiday? Maybe not, exactly, too lazy to google.) My fav-o-rite way to “celebrate” Mother’s Day in recent years is to get up ultra-early and truck on down to Magee Marsh for the annual northward warbler migration. I am not a birder myself but I love nature in general and being outdoors walking around (or skiing or kayaking or whatever). The GG is, in fact, a relatively serious birder and birding is one of his hobbies that I can actually participate in, at least in a peripheral way. The hobby he engaged in out at the moomincabin yesterday? Well, I went down to the beach with a glass of whine and plugged my ears for the duration.

I didn’t get to do Magee Marsh today. What did I do today? Today, I drove the I75 SUV Speedway in a southbound direction. It was all good until I got to the I96/US23 interchange. Huge backup. I was at a dead standstill long enough to check out the situation on my phone. Did not look good. I hung a louie onto I96, headed over to South Lyon and on down Pontiac Trail. Not a particularly fast route down to The Planet Ann Arbor but I was at least moving. When I wasn’t stuck at one of the interminable stop lights. Y’all? Can you just stop driving so I can have the road to myself? (Just kidding, of course!) Also… Note to self. It is now high construction season. If you are driving up on a Friday or down on a Sunday, take the Lansing route!!!

Mouse did not have either work or rehearsal today, so we were plotting a mid-afternoon lunch somewhere. As I pulled into the Landfill driveway, she called and we decided that, rather than try to deal with downtown on a beautiful, sunny, warm Mother’s Day, I would pick up take-out food from Panera and a bottle of whine and we would eat on her balcony. I had not seen her new apartment yet, so that is what we did. And then we went shopping at Cost Plus World Market, where we scouted out some possible furnishings for her new apartment.

It was at Cost Plus that I absolutely hit the wall. I mean the wall of exhaustion. I was actually almost sort of wondering if I would be able to drive home without falling asleep. I did manage to do that but, you guys, every time I manage to get down here, I just crash. (I am here because I have a presentation-type thing to do at work Tuesday and I do *not* want to do it via the iPhone! Also, I neeeeeeed to connect face-to-face with my beloved fellow team members!) I do not know how long I can manage this nomadic style of life. I guess I can manage it as long as I need to. I long for the day I can buy enough grokkeries to last more than 36 hours. When can I hang out cooking/blahgging in my own horribly ugly chitchen? When can I spend a couple days *here* in the Landfill cleaning the place up? I feel like I don’t live anywhere these days. (Er, don’t take me tooooo seriously. We *will* get through this. It’s my blahg and I can kvetch if I want to.)

Anyway. I have never been big into the whole Mother’s Day kinds of celebrations. I have a picture in my mind of “mom” with her fancy permed and dyed hair, dressed up in a beautiful (and probably uncomfortable) pastel suit with a corsage pinned to her lapel. Cards and gifts and a buffet dinner somewhere. I am not into that stuff. I am standing here in my tie-dyed tshirt, shorts, and bare feet with my hair tied back. I am cooking risotto on my own loverly old 3-burner stove. Yes, it’s late. I ate lunch late and then I had to claw my way back up from that huge sinking spell I had this afternoon.

Enough! Happy Mother’s Day to all who do observe it. I include all caregivers in this. As far as I’m concerned, every day is Mother’s Day!

P.S. Ooookkkaaaayyy. A little disturbance outside the house resulted in the blue birdhouse being knocked down. When I went out to investigate, some four-footed beastie was beating a hasty retreat into the back yard. Birdhouse does *not* seem occupied. Cat? Or Rocky Raccoon, trying to get into the nearby Planet A-squared garbage cart?

2 Responses to “One loverly Sunday in May”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can understand why you would be so exhausted; you are trying to be everywhere at every moment for everyone. Such is life! I’m glad that you got home and had some food and “whine.” Happy Mothers’ Day to one of my favorite moms.

  2. jane Says:

    exhaustion? I’m tired just thinking about your life these days!

    and I know I said I would drop stuff off at your house yesterday, but clearly did not. the sun got in my eyes and the crossword distracted me!!! it was just too nice out for me to think about practicalities I think. downtown dinner at the Parthenon and then Bettye Lavette at the Ark. with a quick stop at Kilwin’s to see if Mouse was working. she wasn’t. ;-(