Catch a wave

And so I caught a wee bit of a wave today and felt a little more confident. Lots to do at work. Lunch with Mouse at Whole Foods. A few phone calls. Oh, not the one I’m waiting for, from Freighter View. But other people that I have northern business with called and that gave me a feeling of moving forward and I needed that. And there was even a call from Radical Betty. Of course, as I think I have said before, it wasn’t really Radical Betty. It was the mean old grunchie old grinchie, calling from her old cell phone and I think he was butt-dialing or whatever because, when I answered that particular call, she/he wasn’t there. She/he did catch up with me later on.

Tomorrow I turn back into the 21st century nomadic enigma. Leaving at 0-skunk-30 for the great not-so-white north and possibly meeting up with one of my northern business connections somewhere along the way. We’ll see how that works out. It cracks me up how much I am viewing this as an adventure! Will we be able to connect and, if so, where will we end up meeting? “I’m in Grayling, where are you?”, etc., etc. And I’ll be driving stick tomorrow. What if I have to answer the phone while shifting? Yeah. I know. It doesn’t take much to entertain me. But really, 10 years ago, this kind of meeting would not have been all that feasible.

Normalcy? Today is not Friday but we met down at the Old Town Barrrooom for dinner *anyway*. Yes, it surprised the waitresses, who do not expect us there on Wednesday. But I needed that. Home again, drying laundry, exhausted but it’s the fuzzy around the edges kind of exhaustion that comes with exercise. On to the next episode tomorrow. Oh, and twice today, I have heard (or read) that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. I needed that!

P.S. It was HOT today. My summer clothes are tattered. That is all.

2 Responses to “Catch a wave”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Be careful driving, it looked like there was a huge storm moving across Michigan on tonight’s weather forecast. (They don’t always show the Great Lakes region, but the Cardinals were playing the Cubs in Chicago.) Of course, hopefully that means it will get itself out of Michigan tonight, leaving good driving for you tomorrow.

    –love <3 2u

  2. jane Says:

    had I but known! I would have swung by the Old Town last night on my evening walk.

    drive safely, hug Fran, and walk the beach for me!