In which life is (once again) like a river…

Some days are better than others, roight? Was today a *good* day? I dunno. When I finally get the “you are in” call from FV, it will be a *good* day. Today was okay though. For me, anyway. It was the little things. The friendly RN/LPN/CNA/whatever (they are all goddesses to me at War Memorial Hospital and I can’t always keep them straight) who greeted me with a big hello as I walked with quite some trepidation toward the ltc door this morning. Did I know her from somewhere? High school? She looked too young to have gone to high school with me. Then again… She was followed by Doc M, who was in The Engineer’s class in high school. Good morning! And then, The Comm and I were wheeling along the sidewalk toward the Ninja, neither of us too terribly happy about the curve ball that life has thrown us. But there was this beautiful woman walking toward us. She looked so familiar. From high school. And from facebook. I have a lunch date with her tomorrow but didn’t expect to see her today! Another person who is walking alongside an elderly mother and doing it more or less alone, without any living siblings. I think she is doing it a lot more gracefully than I am.

There was the meeting I dialed into this morning at my work. Listening to the Long Suffering Cat Herding Person’s voice… And emails from my job… A brood of ducklings apparently mis-stepped into a sewer this morning and various people from my work managed to rescue most of them. Sad for the one or two that couldn’t be saved but I work with a bunch of wonderful people.

There was an upward adjustment in The Comm’s quality of life today that I won’t go into detail about. I think it will make it more comfortable for her to go oot and aboot. And I was encouraged when the uber-nurse-admin-goddess-type-person grabbed me in the hallway and told me about some previous residents of the ltc who checked in there only to sleep. They spent the rest of the day at the library, the casino, various restaurants, or wherever. Well, The Comm wouldn’t be caught dead at a casino (and they know that at the ltc, heck she doesn’t even play bingo!) but I got the point…

Still, waiting on tenterhooks for FV to call with a room… And thinking that if The Engineer were here, The Comm would’ve been at FV a while ago. My bro’ would’ve made it seem okay for her in a way that I could not have, even though I know that she has been struggling a bit with some of the details of being independent for a while.

3 Responses to “In which life is (once again) like a river…”

  1. Jan Miller Says:

    You are doing a wonderful job!!
    Love you!

  2. Pooh Says:

    You are full of Grace, even when you do not feel graceful.
    Remember that when we look at swans swimming, they are the epitome of gracefulness, yet underneath, their feet may be paddling like crazy. So keep on paddling, you are doing your best for you and for the Commander.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Thanks you guys. This is all really hard and I am dying for my life to return to some kind of normalcy. As a side note, my spam email is jam-packed with “senior living”, “assisted living”, “a good place for mom to live”, etc., etc., ad nauseam! Delete delete delete delete…