Yay for facebook!

For me, facebook is not a place to play games. I don’t care if others do but I don’t wanna know how many sheep you have, so I hide those posts. Er, don’t ask me about the iPhone. NYT Xword? Solitaire? Angry Birds? King of Frogs? Yes. Hey, wait a minute? I have an game named King of Frogs on my iPhone? Frooooooggggggyyyyy!!!!!!

For me, Facebook is not a place to spout political opinions. I think it’s okay for people to express political opionions on fb but I prefer well thought-out and researched opinions from an open-minded person who can graciously accept and consider contradictory opinions. I’m not completely sure what my political opinions are anyway. That said, I think that facebook *can* be an effective political organizing tool. I saw it happen when the Planet Ann Arbor’s city council tried to shove a Martian toaster down its citizens’ throats and we roared back!

I am not into collecting as many facebook friends as possible. My “friends” fall largely into a few categories: relatives (and I use that term loosely), childhood friends (and I use *that* term loosely), and a few real-life friends on The Planet Ann Arbor or the Sault Ste. Siberia area. Oh, and a few Internet buddies. Gals around my age. I don’t wildly friend anyone whose name or photo seems remotely familiar. When I do “friend” someone, I do it nervously, wondering whether they will want to friend me back. What if they don’t remember me? What if they don’t *want* to be facebook friends with me? On the other hand, I always *accept* friend requests from people who are even remotely familiar.

My “relationship” status on fb is *married*. I can understand those who don’t want to advertise their status. Being broken up with on fb is, well, I have no words. Me? I am *married* and I do not want *anyone* to think that I am in the market for a boyfriend. In fact, if the GG gets hit by a beer truck this weekend (heaven forbid!), I will not be looking for a boyfriend! Although I *will* miss having a hiking/kayaking/skiing/driving pardner at the ready… Note to GG: Do NOT get hit by a beer truck!

Where am I going with this? I had lunch today with The Beautiful Mimi, a person who only a few years ago was stuffed into a long-unused table somewhere in the dustier recesses of the overstuffed database in my brain. A place where SELECT statements rarely ventured. She was someone I figured I’d probably never see again in life. I mean, I could actually go to a high school reunion again some day and maybe I will and there’s a good chance she will be there. Alas, my streak of Asperger’s (or whatever the heck it is) makes those events very challenging for me. It’s not that I don’t like the people. It’s just that I get very overwhelmed by the crowd and the loud rock ‘n’ roll music. Today, it was just two of us. Mimi is a highly intelligent, down-to-earth, open-minded person and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. It was exactly what I needed. I have reconnected with her because of facebook and I knew she would be in town this week because of facebook.

I woke up very nervous about today, wondering what I would have to cope with and how well I would cope with it. This afternoon, I was telecommuting from the solarium. Mooma was wandering in and out. The Commander was foisting candy on me when she wasn’t enlisted to join a residents’ council meeting or mucking with the boob tube. Things were pretty calm. Zen. We ended the day by driving out to the Cozy Inn for Thursday “fish”. The Comm pronounced the folks who gathered there tonight the Top Row! Er, something like that! Whatever it was she said, I agreed. Barb, Jan, Dave, Gina, & George. Almost (but not quite) made me wish I lived here.

One day at a time. Love y’all and thanks for your support!

Good night,

3 Responses to “Yay for facebook!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So glad that you connected with someone on FB. I’m way more frivolous and hidden on there than on my blog. I have too many former students and colleagues as friends. 🙂 I hide my blog.

  2. jane Says:

    just a quick note that I had a lovely dinner with Liz last night (and 4 other friends as well) and to confirm – yes, she wears her helmet when biking. 😉

    and of course – hello to Fran!

  3. gene Says:

    Hi Fran,

    I know I never get in touch with you. i feel as though I am because I read Anne’s blog to check up on your status. I don’t know your telephone number there or maybe I could actually talk with you. We are all fine and busy with the usual stuff.

    Wish it would be a little more spring-like. Glad to hear how well you are getting around. We’ve been walking at the rec center almost every day. I think my calves are getting bigger because I feel as though I need to shove my knee socks down
    every day. I am amazed at how large some peoples’ calves are. I observe them when they pass me-most people do.

    Anne, I trust you will pass this on. Thank you!

    Love, Bubs