I am at Houghton Lake! It is summer here! There is a flyyyyy in my whine!!!

Oooookaaayyy. I am here at Houghton Lake. I have not been here for a while and I can’t quite believe I am here. It’s been a while. The GG and the Lord of Linden and The Beautiful Kathy and the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay are here too. The GG actually cooked dinner with a bit of help from his sister and sister-in-law. I did not help. I feel like I am made of rubber today. Make salad? Duh. How do I make salad? It’s okay. The Beautiful Gay jumped to that cause. Her salads are legendary.

It was not easy to get out of the restaurant at the end of the universe today. Both of the main exits outta that town are more or less blocked. I grew up there and I managed to get outta town successfully but it took some doing. Oi did say goodbye to moi moom before I left her today. It was not easy to leave her at the ltc, even though the folks who work there are absolutely top-notch and The Comm’s most recent roommate is sentient, outgoing, and positive. And yes, oi called moi moom when I got down here.


2 Responses to “I am at Houghton Lake! It is summer here! There is a flyyyyy in my whine!!!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Enjoy your wine and relax! You deserve it!!

  2. Sam Says:

    KW, you are my inspiration. And you are right, a fly in one’s drink is a great metaphor.