Waiting for the raptor

Chloe Belle is all dressed up and waiting for the rapture. Isn’t she beeyootyful? Of course, if you are Chloe Belle, you are always waiting for the rapture. Or, I guess it would be the *raptor* in Chloe Belle’s case because Chloe Belle definitely qualifies as eagle bait.

The Beautiful Gay aka Chloe Belle’s dogmom is biding her time waiting for the raptor by shopping online for a cocktail light. I think a cocktail light would be a wondrous addition to the Houghton Lake Group Home decor. It would fit right in with the paint-by-number wolves and the “welcome to the cabin” doodlies and the bear toilet paper holder. The only thing I would worry about is, if our cocktail light was visible from the lake, all the boaters would float in looking for a, uh, cocktail. Kind of like the train whistle The Commander procured when I was a beach urchin. She would blow the train whistle and people like Duke and Radical Betty and/or Bugs and Horsey and/or Jeep and Pan would come a-runnin’. The only problem with that is that the train whistle is also what she used to call us beach urchins home with. Fortunately, I think most of those folks knew that if the whistle blew at nine AM, cocktails were not being served. Although I can remember Duke coming along and being served coffee royale on more than a few morning occasions. But Duke was a special case.

I am having just a wee leetle slice of normalcy here at Houghton Lake. My original plan was to beam down to The Planet Ann Arbor today and attend Mouse’s play tonight. But… It was GORGEOUS here this morning. I was EXHAUSTED. Psychologically, not physically. Aaaannnnddd… There is a Sunday matinee! “En famille” is what I think they call Sunday matinees. Something like that. So, I am here and I have done almost nothing today. My morning walk. The NYT xword. Hey, I FINISHED the Saturday xword without any googling. Angry birds. Angry birds. Angry birds. Stuck on levels everywhere. Then. I was drafted. Yes drafted. For what? To ride along with The Lord of Linden on the first voyage of the Pontoon Boat for 2011. What the heck? Nooooobody else wanted to go?

Just a couple years ago I was really snotty about powerboats. I still prefer my kayak but I have softened. I got a huge kick out of being invited on that trip. Some people were worried that the pontoon boat might have trouble starting and/or may crap out on the way back to the Group Home. Did we have enough supplies on the boat? Just in case we got stuck out there? Booze? I wasn’t worried. I know that The Lord of Linden is a seasoned boat captain and I knew we would make it across the lake. And we did. And I guess that is all.

Oh, except for the part that I am feeling VERY guilty that I am here hanging around with fun people and The Commander is hanging out at the long term care wishing she was young and beautiful and totally in control of her life.

Dinner at the Spikehorn. Goodnight. –Kayak Woman.

One Response to “Waiting for the raptor”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I bet the Comm would be delighted that you’ve had such a wonderful and relaxing day. Just what you needed!! 🙂