Canadian Bacon

My fav-o-rite moooovie. Or not… I actually don’t remember much about the mooovie except that Cananananada attacked the United Snakes. Or was it the other way around? I am sure that I probably fell asleep. Well, here ya go. Actually, I liked John Candy and there are some other good actors in there too. But Michael Moore is who he is and maybe should not venture away from documentaries.

Anyway. The bomb squad was apparently called to the moominbeach this morning. The first text message I received was something like “Canada bombs the beach!” Well. Of COURSE, that message was sent by The Joker, aka The GG. OF COURSE, nobody in Canada tried to bomb the moominbeach. But there was apparently some interesting flotsam today: “A Canadian canister for search and rescue containing dye that could be dispersed by an explosive type part.” That is from Our Northern Correspondent. Apparently it washed ashore in front of The Old Cabin and Jeep and Pan hauled it down to their house and after a few law enforcement gyrations, the Bomb Squad arrived. Maybe Jan will comment with an accurate story. I have spent my life walking up and down the beach looking at flotsam: cigarettes, grapefruit rinds, onion bags, styrofoam bits, dead birds, old tires. I have never found a dye bomb.

And then there was the cabin formerly known as The Woodland Workshop. When I was young, we could *walk* to the Woodland Workshop. We walked to the end of our beach and around the bend (or through the woods, there used to be a path) and a few cabins down and there was The Woodland Workshop. The artist Olive Craig and her friend Helen Kent lived there and ran the shop, which sold jewelry and pottery et al. Kent and Craig are long deag dead (deag?) but sometime during the night, the cabin that once housed The Woodland Workshop burned to the ground. Lightning is suspected. No one died (which is why I have posted the photooo). No one was there. Still sad.

And so, I was loving being here in my loverly, dog-poopy cube on the Planet Ann Arbor, not to mention The Landfill, and yet, I missed a lotta stuff today!

2 Responses to “Canadian Bacon”

  1. Jan Miller Says:

    I saw the cannister when walking the beach on Sat. In the evening Pete went with me to look at it and we brought it home and called the Coast Guard with the info on the container, and were told not to touch it, and to call 911. The fire department came and decided they couldn’t do anything, so the State Police were called after many phone calls and pictures it was decided that to bomb squad needed to be called. It was 1am by this time and Pete had to work the next day so we went to bed and the police waited for the bomb squad to come from Marquette. They came about 3:15am and we didn’t even hear them. We had our window opened and thought the dogs would be disturbed. We don’t know if it was live or a spent bomb.

  2. jay Says:

    Too much excitement for the beach!