Talkin’ on a [damn] bluetooth

If it’s Tuesday, life must suck. I *think* it was last Tuesday that life last sucked as much as it did today although Friday was not the best of days either. And today did suck, except for the part where I went to work.

And even that sucked a bit. Not because of the work I had to do or the people I work with. They are wonderful! But my wireless internet connection got disabled yesterday and I do not know why except that it happened sometime after I actually got to my cube for the first time in 10 days or so and plugged in and the mothership took over my laptop for a while. That is okay. I work for the on-line banking industry and I know first hand as an employee and as a bank CUSTOMER how important it is for my work laptop to be secure. Now, I am not on the front lines of dealing with banking customers. I am a designer sitting way back behind our customers. If a hacker found my work computer, he/she would not be able to find anything of value on it because I don’t have (or need) access to anything important. Meaning, I cannot move money! The corollary to all of that is that I don’t need to use my work computer if I want to surf the internet because I have three devices (count ’em, my own personal iPhone, iPad, and Macbook) that can get online whenever. Whatever. I will get my work laptop back online soon. I am grateful that my local management type people are on my side and helping me deal with this horrible interim duffle-bag-living situation.

I hate that our new Mean Green Frog-hoppin’ Machine (which, by the way, I have hardly had a chance to drive) has a bluetooth connection. I hate when I talk to the GG on that. He is loud and there is static. That is all…

One Response to “Talkin’ on a [damn] bluetooth”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate my bluetooth too. It’s a standard kind that goes in my ear, but it is very tricky to turn on and doesn’t have much talk time, since it’s so small. I’m glad that the people in your life are so supportive in these tough times. 🙂