In which implements of too much fun might be useful

We have a motley crew here this weekend. The Twinz of Terror, Dogmomster, The Commander and the mean old, grunchie old grinchie. Dogmomster engineered (and largely cooked solo) a wondrous mixed grill bbq dinner. We have (we think) convinced The Comm that it is okay for her to spend the night away from the long term care. I dunno why but it was not easy… But she is here for the night.

And so, in the late afternoon, Dogmomster declared that the sun was over the yardarm and I took a leetle glass of whine down into the hollow in front of the Old Cabin. While I was down there, I received a phone call from Our Northern Correspondent Paulette. She was warning me that there seemed to be more *bears* than usual around here this summer. Now, we do have bears here. I used to see their scat all the time back in the old days when I was walking in the old Read Corp. property with my old coot. I have never seen an actual bear around here and we don’t usually see their scat down here near the beach. Bear sightings *near* the beach usually happen in the spring before people inhabit the cabins.

I took Paulette’s warning seriously although I am not particularly afraid. Of course, there is the fact that the Twinz of Terror filled up the hummingbird feeder yesterday and something knocked it down during the night. And they *heard* that something do that. But I found myself cracking up. As I was talking to Paulette, I was also listening to the Twinz of Terror having great fun back in the swamp somewhere. With implements of too much fun. Bang bang bang. I said to Paulette, “Yaknow, the Twinz are shooting guns back there somewhere (they shoot at logs and things) and it was pretty annoying but, now that I’ve heard about the bears, I’m thinking maybe it is a positive thing!”

Signing off from the Green Guy Cafe! –Boomerang Woman!

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