Twelve radio buttons and a big black werewolf

The photooooo is mainly for the GG’s benefit. It was taken from the Ninja by the Huron Urine River last night. I think it is the highest I have ever seen the water in the Huron. There was even a spot where water was running over the road. Fortunately, it was Ninja-able.

It’s not a very good photoooo. I very warily stopped on Huron River Drive, rolled down the passenger side window and aimed my iPhone, while sneaking frequent glances into the rear view mirror. Huron River Drive is a two-lane scenic drive. It has a speed limit of 35 mph but a lot of folks tend to go a whole lot faster. I couldn’t really get any closer, nor could I conveniently park and walk around. The park across the river was closed with police tape. There was a weird guy hanggggging out on the Delhi bridge (and no other people around). And there was a shareeef hanggggging around stopping some of those folks who insist on going faster than 35 mph. So, you get what you get. I think that the pic-a-nic tables in the park were at least partially under water.

Dinner tonight at Knight’s with Jane and Vicki from the old Haisley Mafia and their significant others. Man oh man, did I ever need that! We’ve known Jane since the summer before Elizilla entered kindergarten. I was at work and the GG took the beach urchins to a band concert at West Park. Elizilla declared that she was going to *make a friend* that night. And so she did. It was Jane’s daughter, who ended up in Elizilla’s kindergarten class. They were good friends and are still friendly but Jane turned into one of my best friends here on The Planet. And Vicki… Wow. She is so exhuberantly outgoing that, when I first encountered her, I figured she was way out of my league. But somehow we clicked. So good to see those folks. I walked to Knight’s, of course, because it’s close and I don’t think they measure their drinks and I didn’t want to drive home. Afterwards, I was still pretty sober, so I walked to the Plum Market and picked up some whine and Tracklements smoked salmon to take north tomorrow.

Because I am back on the road tomorrow morning. Heading north yet again. And guess what? Since the wifi on my beloved but rather decrepit work laptop totally crapped out this week, I was more or less *ordered* by management folks to order myself a new one today. And make sure I ordered whatever the heck I needed on it. So I could telecommute when I needed to hang out with my pistol of a mother (yes, she is being a pistol and that’s not totally a bad thing!). Of course I won’t get the new laptop in time to use it this week but y’know what? I think this baggy old kayak woman stumbled into a pretty dern good job a few years ago! One she wasn’t even looking for…

2 Responses to “Twelve radio buttons and a big black werewolf”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You have a great job and they are very understanding and generous! Hope that going north is a positive thing. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Okay, now I have an image in my mind of a matched set of fancy 18th century dueling pistols. They are inlaid with mother of pearl flowers and silver vines. The stocks are polished mahogany, as is the presentation box. The box is lined with dark green velvet, and each pistol is nestled safely in its own cut-out space. The brass fittings gleam like sunshine through the trees. They are fortunately loaded only with blanks, so line up back to back, and count off 10 paces, turn and fire if you must.
    The seconds standing behind the duelists however, are hoping for a romantic movie cliche where the duelists do a slow-motion run, ending in a big hug and a stroll off to new adventures.