#1 – I am STILL waiting for the Apple Store to call me about my file transfer! The one I am PAYING them to do! Latest word? They are “investigating”… I hate to wait!

#2 – I am (of course) still waiting for FV to call. Alas, I don’t expect that call terribly soon. An interim solution has been arranged beginning tomorrow. It is a wonderful situation and we are grateful for the offer but it would be nice to get to the eventual endpoint.

#3 – I am waiting for Sam!!! Archaeologist, not dog! And jcb aka my webguy! I will see them before #1 and #2 happen!!

To be continued…

Continuation #1: Apple has to do some “clean-up” from my file xfer. Probable translation? They dropped the ball. I love Apple products but sometimes I think some of the Ann Arbor store staff need to get over themselves. Honesty please? When I drop a ball at my work, I ‘fess up and humbly APOLOGIZE!

Continuation #3: They are here! 🙂

The good news? My work laptop (Windows) arrived today — ahead of schedule. It works like a charm and so far the transfer has been smooth. I gave the support guy a top-notch rating for his service. Apple, take a note.

One Response to “W—-a—-i—-t—-i—-n—-g”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, my, the Apple Store guys in Tacoma were an utter turn off. They were supercilious and arrogant. I walked out of there without the ipad that I really wanted.(and had the money to buy)