I have too many computers. And too many green guys. And some red people.

My work laptop is now pretty much loaded up with all the stuff I need to do my job. I’m gonna keep the old one around for about a week just to make sure, then I’ll send it back to the mother ship and I’m sure they’ll send it off to the recycling industry, hopefully in a responsible way.

I finally picked up my new MacBook Pro this morning. I dunno. It isn’t *all* that different than my old MacBook. Except for the part where I have 374 GB of free space instead of 5 GB. Make no mistake, I WILL fill that up! Wonder how many years it’ll take? I’m getting all my third party applications set up now. Like Adobe Creative Suite. I am not ashamed to admit that I still have the creaky old CS3. Yes, it’s old. Maybe the GG can buy me an upgrade for xmas? He’s always looking to get me some big expensive gift. Then again, these days, I use Adobe CS3 almost exclusively to tweak photoooos. Maybe I don’t need the latest and greatest version. What’s next for my perfectly good if totally overloaded old MacBook? Weellll. I will dump about 60 GB of crap and the GG will maybe eviscerate the innards and throw in, oh I dunno, a bigger drive and more memory maybe? And he will find something to use it for. Maybe it’ll host a webcam somewhere? Or he’ll use it as a netbook? It is a damn fine machine, mailing tape and all, and I will miss it. It’s odd that I don’t get overly excited about things like new ‘puters or even automotive vee-hickles these days. I mean, I enjoy them but in a way, it’s just the same old, same old. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting old!!!

I have been to the damn mall three times in about five days. I hate the mall. I LOVE the red people this store has in its windows. I would love them even more if they were aqua but red is okay. It balances out the greeeeen guys here at the Landfill. I would’ve prob’ly worn a dress (is it a dress?) like this when I was a 20-something. I would’ve preferred a more vibrant color though. If you look, you can see Ghost Kayak Woman back there taking the photooo. Dressed in ravenly old black bat clothing. Hey, we are in a huge move-about at work and it is casual city around there and FZ and others were running around in shorts and t-shirts all day. Foraging and dumping and some people even went out to the bar while their crates of stuff were moved 10 feet to the left… Working for “The Man” does not always suck! Knock on wood!

3 Responses to “I have too many computers. And too many green guys. And some red people.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like getting new things but I dread it too. Lots to load, lots to learn and differences galore. Setting up my netbook was so so; I never could get Kindle app for windows on it. I tried everything, including calling amazon 3 times. I think it’s because it has a starter version of Windows 7–plenty for my needs. (now it’s in Senegal with Ashley!) I just like things to run smoothly. I’m one of the only people I know who uses old Outlook express. And I love it!

  2. Tonya Says:

    I have Adobe CS4 at home. At work, they won’t spring for the license for me to have it on my work computer! I feel completely lost without it as I use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop ALL THE TIME!! It’s a necessary tool for what I do and it just blows my mind that they won’t let me have it. But then, this company is quite odd. In many ways.

  3. Sam Says:

    Tweak photos in iPhoto? Works great for me!—S.