Goin’ on a bare bear hunt (after I clean the loverly old, filthy old Landfill Oven)

So, now we apparently have TWO bares bears out on the Satellite Dexter. We have the male yearling mentioned in this space yesterday and now we have a HUGE bare bear. Mama, maybe? Nobody knows. Oh yeah, and then there’s the guy who has been dressing up in a bare bear costume and hanging out on Huron River Drive somewhere. (Hmmmm, I bet he is @DexterMIBear.) My Cube Neighbor spotted him yesterday. The LSCHP said… Well, I better not say what he said. All I will say is that, if you see any yarmulke-wearing bares bears, go the other way. <insert-devilish-grin-here /> Oh! And NPJane is correct (comments yesterday). Do NOT feed any bares bears!

I think MMCB is off globe-trotting somewhere but I wonder what she would think of the Dexter Bare Bear if she were here. MMCB is really not fond of aminals in general, especially wild aminals, and she does not live all that far from the Satellite Dexter. Once I was showing MMCB some beauteous photooos of a hike that Radical Betty and Uber Kayak Woman and I took through the back 40 up at the Moominbeach a couple years back. It was fall and there were gorgeous tamaracks everywhere. (It turned out to be RB’s last hike but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) MMCB’s only (rather dubious) comment? “Are there aminals?” KW’s (rather dumbfounded) reply? “Well, yes. All the way up to bare bear!” Again, I have never *seen* an actual bare bear at the Moominbeach but they *are* around.

MMCB’s main nemeses are deer. Herds of them routinely trample her beautiful wooded. They stop to rest next to her driveway and once on a particularly horribilous Sunday, a deer had the audacity to DIE on her driveway. I sure am glad I am not in the hauling business and therefore not the person she called to remove the deer because that particular operation did not turn out to be pretty. As I am sure I have said before, I would much rather sit across a table at Barry Bagel’s from MMCB than be on the other end of a customer service issue from her. Tenacious? Fearless? Detail oriented? Annoyingly good memory? All of that and then some… Chutzpah. I wish I had more of that…

That photooo is my latest Cube Mate, lent out to me by Broosie, who has no room for this loverly bit of flora in his new cube. He has more of these but I got to work first (outta Broosie’s buds) this morning, so I got to choose color and I chose red for I dunno what exact reason because the other fleur was bleu and I generally prefer bleu over rouge. Whatever… There are some very interesting perks at my work. That is all I will say.

Oh man, speaking of perks! Driving by the Planet Ann Arbor Airport is one of them and today… TODAY. The battered old twin-engine plane that has been sitting and rotting right near South State since I have worked down there and probably before that was GONE!!! I hope nobody actually, yaknow, FLEW it outta there!!!

Love y’all,

P.S. To the Saudi women who are driving: You go girls!!!! No driving? Kee-reist!

One Response to “Goin’ on a bare bear hunt (after I clean the loverly old, filthy old Landfill Oven)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Bears? *shudder* I am terrified of them. Your Cube Mate is cute; it reminds me of my expression many days. Nice use of French. (bleu would be bleue though because fleur is a female word) 🙂