Okay, “Blah” would probably be a better title but then y’all wouldn’t want to read this, right? Roight. And, to tell the truth, there is an element of zizzywig underneath all the blah. I am facing my first week’s vacation in my new career next week and why the heck am I so apprehensive? I’m going to Fin Family Moominbeach, the absolute best vacation spot on earth in my not-so-humble opinion. But I am always like this before a vacation. As hot and swampy as it is here in the Landfill in the summer, when it is time to leave, I get this whole separation anxiety thing going. I *know* that as soon as I get on the freeway, or at least when I have hit the north-country again, I will be okay and I will start to relax. But now? It is six days before I leave town and I am a nervous wreck. I have the time to take next week off and I have even been granted the go-ahead to work remotely for some of the time so I don’t have to drain every hard-earned hour of vacation that I have as a new employee. My cute little first-born beach urchin is due in Thursday morning from San Francisco. How the heck did an old Michigan bag like me get to have a daughter in SF? Lots of people that I love will be up there and I know we will all be whoopin’ it up. And we will miss those who are not there. Jay and her family because they are too busy to head out here this summer. [Jim, Grandroobly, Don, and Katie. Sigh.] Uber Kayak Woman, who will be there briefly toward the end of the summer and by hook or by crook, I’ll meet her there. The next week will be okay. I will manage to leave the Landfill and I don’t even care what the weather is like up there. But I am still in a kind of blah state with zizzywig running through the background and I haven’t quite switched into glide yet. Somebody switch me, okay?

And that there picture is some sock yarn. I dredged that sock yarn out the other day and I couldn’t remember buying it so I wasn’t sure if it was mine or Mouse’s. It turns out that it is indeed mine. So now I have yet another unfinished (unstarted?) prodject to get going on.

3 Responses to “Zizzywig.”

  1. Jay Says:

    The biggest problem I have with being so far and having limited time at the cabin is figuring out what to do and not to do when there so I don’t lose what I like best about the beach – being on the beach, chatting with others on the beach and having beer lunches on the beach, etc on the beach.

  2. isa Says:

    silly moom, i made lasagna for everyone i know tonight, and you should know that i was *bragging* about the moom-made g&t’s i’ll be drinking next week…

  3. fran Says:

    The COMMANDER says get off your dizzy;wig or whatever you called it.
    The C. is listening to the sound of the saw which is demolishing the big birch tree in the front yard before its half dead parts fall on the roof as well as the double trunk.

    Love……………….see you Thursday………………..Mom