Birthday, birthday, blahgiversary

The Marquis beat me to this but here it is anyway!

Mid-summer flowers to the birthday folks, from my early morning walk today. Started out a little foggy and just a little less swampy today. The flowers are a little fuzzy and I even had my “good” cam as opposed to my iPhone cam. Ah well, just can’t stand still long enough, especially with moes-kee-toes buzzing me. The occasion? Or two? Or three? First, it is Uber Kayak Woman’s birthday. That is first because I have known her forever. She is my uber cousin. That means she shares my birth year. So, if y’all know my age, you also know hers. Second, it is the Marquis’s birthday. And he is not my uber cousin but he is married to my uber cousin. But not to Uber Kayak Woman. He is married to our cousin Pooh (UKW’s and mine), who I (we) have also known forever. Like we used the potty behind the door together when we were little. And the outhouse. Anyway, we are all the same age. 35! (Or not.) So happy birthday!

Last and most definitely least: it is my five year blahgiversary! Can you believe I’ve been blathering about my boring life on this goofy blahg for five whole years? I have less to say about that than you might think. Or maybe not. This blahg is a living thing of sorts. It refuses to let me neglect it. So, in honor of our blahgiversary, I have updated my about page. Yup. More long-winded blather.

One Response to “Birthday, birthday, blahgiversary”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Here is a hint: we are all as old as the year we were born in. (just the last two digits, please)