Liquified propane

Still twitchy after all these hours. But doing okay. The LSCHP threw some more work my way today. He knows better than to let me idle for too long. His words? “KW was whining.” Yes, KW was whining… Except it was too early on a workday to be whining. Most days I don’t whine until the sun is over the yardarm. Er, unless I am sitting around by the water at the Houghton Lake Group Home with The Beautiful Gay. Or hanging out in the hollow in front of the Old Cabin with NpJane.

Dinner at Knight’s tonight. Our very own neighborhood pub. Looonnnnngggg day tomorrow. Moving this weekend. I am soooo taaarrrrred this week. Mostly in a psychological sense but it is translating into physical taaarrreeddness too. After all those weeks upon weeks upon weeks of bouncing back and forth between the Planet and the Yooperland, I am finally looking forward toward a period of relative stability. I am feeling totally whomped out for now. That is about all I have to say tonight. I am a blank.

Good night,

P. S. I will still be bouncing to the Yooperland and back for a while forever.

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