Boyz and their trailerz

Ka-whomp! Back in the day, we used to think we were so cool when we had finally built up enough vacation time that we could manage to extend long holiday weekends just enough to miss the Great Lake State holiday weekend traffic phenomenon known as the I75 SUV Speedway Parking Lot. Actually, the GG can still do that kind of thing since he has worked for That Darn EPA (that’s a joke, y’all) for so many years, he has about a billion vacation hours a years. Yer fav-o-rite blahgger? At less than five years of service, not so much… Nevertheless, we did drive “up north” a day early. And guess what? It [mostly] wasn’t a parking lot tonight but it was obvious there were a lot of other folks driving north a day early to avoid the parking lot the Speedway will become tomorrow afternoon and evening. We do have to drive back down on Monday. Oh joy…

Getting outta the Landfill neighborhood was like running a gauntlet. The plan was to haul the loverly old Courtois trailer north with us. It’s a trash hauling type trailer, not a cute little camping trailer like the beloved old Little Princess we had back in the Uncle Fester Club days. (There it is in the photoooo just about to take off behind The Indefatigable. The trash hauler, not the Little Princess.) Some people were pretty excited about hauling the old trailer. The Indefatigable is gone now and it has been a couple years since we have owned a vee-hickle with a trailer hitch. And this weekend is prodject FV so we will need vee-hickles and things that can haul furniture.

Anyway, when I got home from work, the Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen was in the Landfill driveway backed up to the trailer, so I parked the Ninja in the street. We finished loading the Frog Hopper and then, the GG pulled it out into the street and I parked the Ninja in the driveway, beeped it shut and hopped off into the Frog Hopper’s passenger seat. We got a half a block down the street and the GG said, “There’s no spare taaaarrrr for the trailer and the taaaarrrs that are on it are ‘cracked’.” Screeech!!! To a halt. Say WHAT? There is no way that I am going to waste any time this weekend sitting on the side of the I75 SUV Speedway with a broken down trailer. Back to the Landfill driveway. Pulled the Ninja back out to the street. GG backed the Frog Hopper (and trailer) into the drive and disconnected the trailer. Frog Hopper back out into the street. Ninja in the driveway. Again. Are we having fun yet? We were finally off, with yer fav-o-rite blahgger at the wheel. I hope we didn’t forget anything! If we did, I don’t care. We’ll just buy it! (But can’t imagine what we couldda possibly forgotten with all that junk we’re hauling!)

G’night from the Hoton Lake Group Home! -KW

3 Responses to “Boyz and their trailerz”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Ah Northerning…..we got as far as Willow Tree and had a wonderful dinner there. Saw a lot of boats going up north too. Unfortunately, we also dropped off in Grayling tonight…….will continue onward and UP ward tamaroow. Good to hear that FV is working out……. A flat taaaarrrr would not be good on the momentous move weekend. We will be up cabining this weekend, let us know if we can be of any assistance – er after the ‘Capital Steps’ on Friday night at the Norris Center …… 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Best of luck on the move, and give a hug to the Commander from us. Too bad you’ve already posted that you left the trailer behind. It would have been the perfect excuse to not drive down on Monday. “Um, I won’t be in ’til Wednesday, we have to get a new tire for the trailer…”

  3. Karen F Says:

    Val & I were running some errands this afternoon while awaiting the 120K mile maintenance (plus brakes) work to be completed on the 2002 Accord Coupe she’s been driving all over this great country, and when we crossed I-75, it was DEFINITELY a parking lot…northbound traffic was either creeping or completely halted as far as the eye could see to both horizons. And, because I was let out of work early today, this vision was beheld early afternoon. Makes me sad, because I would love to be able to take advantage of long weekends to head north, but the traffic makes it so discouraging….