35 35 35 22

That there 22 would be my cute little Ninja’s left rear taaarrr. Yes, that’s low. Yes, that means there’s a slow leak. At least I hope it’s slow. I do need to get to work tomorrow. I learned a new trick (or three) today. My little mousey drove all the way across town with her taaar gauge and taarrr pump and showed me how to 1) check the pressure in a taaarrrr and 2) add air to the taaarrrr. She learned that stuff from the GG. Oh, and 3) how to pit cherries and she even bent up a bobby pin into just the right shape for cherry pitting. She learned that stuff from her grandmoose. I have a hard time learning anything from either the GG or Mouse’s grandmoose. The GG always gets all pedantic about things and I get infuriated and start yelling and slamming doors and things. Yes, really. Oh, oops, some of you are not surprised… And then there’s Mouse’s grandmoose, who is also known as The Commander and, well, she is my uh, mother. She *was* a teacher for a number of years but I was too snobby to take the kind of classes she taught because they were labeled “home-ec”. More on that some other day…

But now I know how to do all that stuff because Mouse showed me how to do it. (Yeah, I know. None of that stuff is rocket science.) Mouse is a really good teacher (not that she necessarily aspires to *work* as one, just to be sure that is clear). I think in part it has to do with her acting talent. But I can remember instances of her teaching someone how to do something that occurred well before we had any idea she was an actress. My favorite is the time she taught her older sister how to roll up socks in the way that I have been rolling them up ever since I can remember and I would be hard pressed to try to actually *teach* someone how to do it. I think the beach urchins were about four and six and I can’t remember how it got started. I guess we were putting away laundry? Anyway, Lizard Breath couldn’t figure out how to roll up her socks and Mouse very sweetly gave her a thorough step-by-step explanation that I wish to heck I had on some old video-tape. I sort of hate the word “sweet” but it’s the only one that describes this memory.

Anyway, this was not a bad day, knock on wood. I spent some time with my Mouse. We walked to the Plum Market and I bought her coffee and a bagel and a few grocery items to repay her for help with the taaaar. I was also pretty productive. Both food prep for the week in the Landfill Chitchen and progress on the Landfill Paper Reduction Act.

It is hot here. Actually, it is frickin’ hot, as NpJane might say. My poor little pots of impatiens are looking pretty darn wilted even though I have been watering them. The local news media has got everybody around here in a frenzy by reporting that the heat index will be 100 tomorrow. Note to local news media: report what the actual *temperature* is predicted to be. People will completely *miss* the word “index”. Sheesh. Anyway, different iPhone weather apps are predicting different temps but they are all 91 or 94 or whatever. Haven’t seen anything close to 100.

We do need rain and, with that, I am off to do a rain dance. Join me if you are a Southeast Michigander!

Good night,
Kayak Woman

(Who is hanging out in her house and/or back yard with a wet washcloth filled with ice cubes wrapped around the back of her neck.)

7 Responses to “35 35 35 22”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s very low!! My husband uses fix a flat which is very bad for tire repair later–but desperation calls for desperate measures. I’m always buying my kids coffee; they are addicts, just like me. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!! I would like one day of it too; it saves me money on watering. 🙂

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Grandpa Garth took me out to the driveway when I was taking drivers ed (in 1966) and (OMG) made me change 2 tires that were not flat. Basically, he observed while I looked in the car manual and figured out how to change the tire by myself. He did not help me jack the car up but he did tell me that a real flat tire would not be jacked up as high as a tire that was full of air. Once you got the flat tire off of the car, you would not be able to get the full spare tire on there if you did not have the car jacked up high enough. I had to take a tire off of the front of the car, and then he made me do the rear also. I also had to take the windshield wiper off and put it back on. He discussed spark plugs and the general maintenance of a vehicle. I am forever grateful for the lessons learned. One time in my life (when I was 7 months pregnant with Susie in the pre-cell phone days) I actually had a flat, and changed my own tire. Thanks to my dad, I could do it without stress.
    (Now, I call AAA.)

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I forgot to add, if you go to Discount tire, they will fix your leaky tire for free even if you did not get your tires there.

  4. Sam Says:

    Dearest KW, tire pressure is not a proxy for the world situation, I’m convinced. AND: readings on the thermostat are not a proxy for mental stress. THEREFORE: I recommend…something along the lines of a cocktail and a footstool. Luv ya. (Wish I could offer you the release valve you offer me!)

  5. Pooh Says:

    I hope that Michigan cools off quickly. Dad said it was in the mid 80’s at the cabin yesterday. He said that the brunch for Otto’s (JR) birthday was lovely. I also hope, thought it’s less likely, that Missouri cools off! When we finished the bike ride yesterday at 12:30 it was 91 degrees with a heat index of 102. I’m sure it went up from there in the afternoon. Today is supposed to be worse, with actual temps getting close to 100, and possibly hitting it.

  6. jane Says:

    the rain dance appears to have workere here in SE Michigan. although a more gentle, long lasting rain would have been better for the gardens.

  7. GG Says:

    … baby has a new pair of shoes …