New shoes

It was time. It snuck up on us. Well, it didn’t exactly sneak up on me but I do admit to a certain amount of denial. Up until a couple months ago when the Mean Green Frog-hoppin’ Musheen joined the fleet as the new vee-hickle, the Ninja was the new vee-hickle. Three years old and 44K? Hmmmm. Time for new taaarrrrs. Yes, we drive a *lot*.

Now that I know how to check the taarrrrs on my vee-hickles, the first thing I did this morning was check the rear driver’s side taaarr. 31. That was down 4 pounds since we filled it yesterday and I did not drive *anywhere* yesterday. Okay. I have an eight-mile commute, I suppose I may have made it in. (Or not.) (No, I can’t take a bus. The nearest bus stop to my office is at least a mile away on a busy two-lane road with no sidewalks. And it isn’t a bike-friendly commute either, except for hard-core cyclers.) So, I went for plan C, which was “Working from home (not EOM)”, the “not EOM” part being where I explained that the rate at which air was escaping from my left rear taaaaarrr seemed to be accelerating at an uncomfortably high rate and my other vee-hickle was not available.

Working from home allowed me to multi-task just a wee bit. I ran Roomba while I worked. My front living room has not been thoroughly vacuumed since before Christmas. I set up Roomba to do just half of it and the poor little beastie circled around and around and around gobbling up hair and thread and I don’t even wanna know what else until it totally ran out of battery. And it is not a very big room. I charged it up and ran it over the same territory again. Lather, rinse, repeat for the other half of the room and the place actually *feels* clean now! Except for the dust on the furniture…

Rain dance? Yes! A big rain storm rolled through in the middle of the day. A Perfect Storm, in my opinion. Lots of rain, some wind, thunder and lightning but no tornado or bow echo or derecho. The sky did not turn green, no trees fell on the Landfill, and my little pots of impatiens are looking perky again. 100 degree heat index? Not today.

The GG visited with The Beautiful Julia and The Beautiful *baby* Alexandria today. I missed out. I have been hanging out mostly with octogalumphers and nanamooses the last few months. They are wonderful people and I love them (even (or maybe especially) the ones who don’t exactly know who or where they are any more) but a baby or two would be a nice change of pace. Even a couple o’ 20-somethings…

And so, before I degenerate further and further into gibberish, good night! And new shoes!!!

P.S. Just to make clear that The Commander knows *exactly* who and where she is!!! I don’t want anyone to be mistaken about that! I would never live it down…

4 Responses to “New shoes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yay for rainstorms and house cleaning. Boo for new tires. I HATE buying them; I had to get new ones for my SUV and it was an ugly price. 2002 Trailblazer with 103K miles on it.

  2. isa Says:

    I’m on my way, I’m on my way! Just give me a couple weeks!

  3. Marquis Says:

    2 days running, I think that it is your storyline that is going flat.
    Entreat your white knight, Mr. Bill, and he will come to your rescue.

  4. isa Says:

    I thought Mouse was the White Knight?