Naturalists Naturists in a dirgible dirigible

I am on the cusp. It is the last weekend before my “vacation”. I don’t know why I always feel like this before my “vacation”. As excited as I am about going on “vacation”, I am almost afraid to embark on it. It is the same “vacation” that I always take. And probably mostly always will take. This year’s version of hanging out at the moominbeach. Yes, I am that boring. I mean, it is an absolutely gorgeous stretch of beach. And the beach urchins will be there. And Uber Kayak Woman. And the rest of the cast will be this summer’s subset of all of the usual folks. The same folks I’ve known since I could first walk and talk and their children and grandchildren. It will be fun and exciting and relaxing and boring there will be moments of angst and disagreement and I may even fling a muskellunge or two. It will be what it will be.

And I am nervous. I am always like this before my “vacation”. Given that it is the same blasted “vacation” every year, you would think I would be used to it! Not. It is the shifting gears part that throws me. I am here on The Planet Ann Arbor and it’s actually pretty darn nice down here in the summer. At least when it isn’t a hot, swampy mess. And even when it is a hot swampy mess, well, I dunno, it is what it is. It is home after all these years. I did not have a very productive work day today. I was antsy as all get-out. After work? It is Friday and so I walked down to the Old Town Barrroooom for a ‘hattan (or two) and dinner. NpJane met us there tonight and, after a while, we became Porterized. We walked NpJane home and then we trucked back on over to the far west side and I. Took. A. Shower. It is a “dry heat” here today (you know the kind, roight?) but after a day’s total of 8 miles of walking, I needed a shower.

So, we’re home here this weekend. We will be burning stuff in the back yard. And cleaning out the faaarrplace that I usually clean out in April but didn’t get to this year. And whatever other chores there are. And I will be trying to chill before we begin this summer’s odyssey to the Great No-so-white North. I know that as soon as I get into the Frog Hopper, I’ll be okay. When I get to the moominbeach, I’ll be wondering why I was so nervous about leaving. For now, I am in a sort of a slow train-wreck mode. It’s okay. This is always how it is.

Yes, this is boring. I’m sorry. I am dead on my feet tonight. I am babbling. Good night.

Incoherently yours,
Kayak Woman

4 Responses to “Naturalists Naturists in a dirgible dirigible”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Change is always hard to adjust to, even when we’ve done it before. As I get older, I find myself the same way about any transition. I get in my rut and it’s hard to get out!!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Quite honestly, the only place I really care to “vacation” is our Harstine Island plot of paradise. We’ve talked about Hawaii (I’ve never been), or taking a road trip somewhere, but we just prefer the ease and wonderfulness of Harstine. It’s familiar, we’re not at the mercy of others, it’s not too big of a hassle to prepare to go there, and we can take the weenie dogs (and Mojo The Cat) and not have to fret and stew (and pay big bucks) about arranging to board them. BUT, I felt some of the same angst the week before we took our week off down there over the 4th, similar to what you are feeling. I think for me it was the shift of thinking/worrying about work and the thinking/planning the week off, and I’m just not a great multitasker.

  3. jay Says:

    My angst starts from leaving work for soooo long.
    After I am gone, it only shows up in bits and pieces.
    And even now, on vacation, I am longing for a dresser (at the moominbeach) where I can take things out of the suitcase.

  4. Karen F Says:

    I’m angsting about trying to figure out when my kids will be where and if I have to help either or both of them move, and in what capacity… since they are both moving at about the same time! And that coincides with some of the dates that so many will be at the Cabin… then my available Mondays and Fridays in July/August (after I get my 20-whole-hours of paid time for the rest of the year on the 25th) are being rapidly consumed by training (required). Think I need to get the “cats” to “herd” and nail down a day I can go North for a longish weekend.