85.49 Gig (or whatever) and please don’t dress like Burke…

Minus 1: Once again, when I am walking on the sidewalk and you are coming up behind me on a bicycle, waiting until you are two feet behind me to stage-whisper “on your left” is liable to cause an accident. You have startled the bejabbers out of me and I could potentially jump ANY direction. Like left. Ride in the street or get a bell and start ringing it a half block back, like the kindergartners do. And don’t get surly with me when I mention that you startled me. (Disclaimer: This is aimed at ONE cyclist with bad manners, not the grizillion others that I encounter who don’t, so don’t anyone get their undies in a bunch :-))

Minus 2: If we have been watching you and your buddy stand out on the sidewalk in front of The Landfill smoking cigarettes for 15 minutes, it is unlikely that we will want to take you up on your “free estimate” when you finally get around to knocking on our door. In fact, we will think that you have been “casing the joint”, although you will not find anything of value here so I’m not sure why you might bother. You get extra points deducted for knocking at my door as I am standing on the other side of it dressed in washer-woman clothes and bagging up some odiferous garbage and SAYING, “Oh, I caught you when you were doing the garbage.”

Plus 1: Whew. Managed to clean out the rest of last winter’s ashes from the Landfill Faarrplace. And then went on to clean the whole surrounding area and ran Rooooomba around that half of the room. Twice. Because there was so much dirt in the carpet near the faaarrplace that the first run drained my poor little Roooomba’s battery.

Plus 2: Can you say 85.68 gigabytes? I cleaned out my old (2007) MacBook today so that we can install it at The Commander’s new apartment at Freighter View. A new Command Central. I went from somewhere around 6 GB when I started this cleanup and I am now at, like 85 GB. Or whatever. The Commander has an “old” computer (iBook laptop) and it is time. Her computer is in a failure mode. And thanks to our friend M who spent time today working to help The Comm with her computer.

Anyway, I managed to regain a bit of control over the Landfill today. The pluses added up to just a weeeee bit more than the minuses…

We are gonna burn brush and stuff tonight. Burn, baby, burn.

3 Responses to “85.49 Gig (or whatever) and please don’t dress like Burke…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’re ahead of me on the cleaning; I need to do some of that. (and install those 9 volt batteries in the 8 smoke alarms) Can you say PROCRASTINATION?

  2. Marquis Says:

    You shouldn’t wear undies under bike shorts. You’ll get them all in a bunch.

  3. Karen F Says:

    I have a “NO SOLICITORS” sign on my front door. However, we STILL get solicited… mostly by the door-to-door bible-beaters. Uh, folks, you realize you ARE a solicitor? Or are you just illiterate?