blue genes

As I have blahgged about before, I do not seem to have inherited any berry-picking DNA from either side of my famblies. But we were all up early today (the GG, UKW and me) and drinking some coffee down on the beach and, when someone mentioned an impromptu trip out to the Raco area to pick blueberries, I was totally into it. I love to hang out on the old forest roads in the eastern yooperland and also, what the heck, have iPhone [camera], will travel.

And so, those two people in the photooo who are butts up are not related to each other in any way that I know of but clearly they have both inherited the butts-up gene from somewhere or other. In fact, UKW aka mini-Duke aka mini-Grandberry was practically opening the car door while it was still moving to get at the berries at the side of the road. You know who was taking the picture, roight?

After we “surveyed” and picked out on the old rifle range (above), we headed off to Arbutus Lake. After taking a few beauteous iPhone-type photooos, yer fav-o-rite blahgger decided she better earn her keep and picked probably about an eighth of the total volume that were picked today.

After Arbutus Lake, we stopped along the road in a very moe-skee-toe-ey spot with not a whole lot of berries. And I do not know what is with the ghost frog hopper in the next photooo.

By this time, we had enough blueberries for two pies, pancakes and I dunno what else, so we headed back up toward the Big Lake They Call Gitchee Gumee. We took a “short-cut” along Tower Road to our fave Dancing Crane Coffeehouse and of course we had to stop at the dump Spectacle Lake Overlook. And I dunno how the photooo below happened either. It kinda reminds me of the stuff I see in my shoreline dreams.

The Dancing Crane Coffeehouse is building a geodesic dome! The GG (aka Mr. Engineer) is wondering where to get those joints… Hmmm…

Back at the moominbeach, we had a gorgeously warm and windy afternoon and various people braved the waves to kayak with spray skirts. The Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay and Chloe Belle arrived and here are Twinz of Terror in and on the Purple Kayak.

Now? UKW has engineered pies, enchiladas, and salad for dinner and the boyz (and TBG?) have just returned from an expotition over to the eagles’ nest. Seeya tomorrow.

P.S. Reading this in the clear, cold light of the morning, I sure did use the word “after” a lotta times!

2 Responses to “blue genes

  1. Sam Says:

    Your descriptions, plus pictures, warm my heart. I’m officially missing the northland!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Dinner sounds delicious as do the blueberries and food made with them. I’m a big fan of that berry and can pick them very well. (years of practice, starting at 10 years old and culminating in being the blueberry field boss) 🙂