Betty’s Cove

We spent the day in Cananananada today. We hiked with a bunch of absolutely wonderful Canadian folks. They are involved with the Sault Naturalists and the Voyageur Trail and I fergit what else. Above all they were friends of my aunt Radical Betty and today’s hike to Betty’s Cove was made in honour of her. I have heard of Betty’s Cove before and I somehow thought that it was named after my aunt posthumously. Not. It was named that in the 1980s or thereabouts. She was an exhuberant participant in those organizations then and led the pack on many outings.

This is a secret cove. Getting to it involves a “short scramble” down and up. I won’t say any more about that except that there are about a billion ways to get there and I’m not sure the Soo Nats take the same route twice. So. It is still secret. I am pretty sure I would not be able to find it again. Good people, those Canadians, and, although our traverse across a friendly border and back was smooth in the grand scheme of things, I have some recommendations for the so-called “budget cutters” in our loverly national government. We’ll talk about that some other day.

Here’s Uber Kayak Woman (aka Radical Betty’s daughter (and my cuzzint)) upon our arrival at Betty’s Cove.

Getting to Betty’s Cove involved parking near one or two or 189 of these things. They supply a lot of the lucky-shucky to Soo, Ontario and we can see them from our beach, not to mention M28.

I felt honoured to be included on a hike with Radical Betty’s Canadian buddies. We took the “short scramble” to get down to Betty’s Cove. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what the “short scramble” was. More like “long steep bushwack down the escarpment through woods and/or various old log slides”. And back up. Fun hike? Yes. Short scramble? Not.

UKW found a soccer ball for Carl. He’s married to our cuzzint Jay, who has been suffering with a horrible cold virus and could not accompany us today. We missed her. She’s also Radical Betty’s niece.

The GG looks out to “sea”.

Sparkling whine in honor of Radical Betty.


Lunch on the rocks by Betty’s Cove. Actually, the GG and I sabotaged our lunches. “I thought you were packing the sandwiches.” “I thought *you* were packing the sandwiches.” Good thing we were talking about bagels with smoked fish (yes, don’t ask) and cheese, not a baby or something. Actually, I think I will make it a practice to forget my lunch on these trips because with all the handouts we got I had more to eat than if I’d managed to remember my own lunch.

Lotsa folks were unnecessarily worried about my footwear.

Betty’s Cove is a cobblestone beach. I think that’s the right term!. These rocks are around the size of my foot or thereabouts.

The cove from our lunch rock.

Good good good people, these folks from Cananananada. Love.

3 Responses to “Betty’s Cove”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Quite an adventure, but it sounds well worth the trip. When I read this post, I thought of the quote “Seize the day, moment–carpe diem” which you did!! I love the toast to Betty. Hope Jay is on the mend!!

  2. jane Says:

    lovely. sorry I missed it. I will likely be up on Friday late.

  3. jay Says:

    Sorry I missed it too, and I was here!