Yeah, I could use Grizbob but I really need an app app

Oh, where in the heck am I? The mean old, grunchie old Grinchie is here kinda holding court in a way that only the Mogog can do. He is in fine form and that is making me have a hard time concentrating. Anyway… The seagulls are getting ready to leave for the winter. They leave on August 13th. Here it seems like each seagull has its own rock.

I was shamed for not kayaking this morning but the truth was that I was sorta settling in to the moomincabin chitchen, washing dishes and cleaning dead flies off the counters, etc. I was pretty dern happy doing that. Even though (as I’ve said before) by about the time we get settled in to this place, it’ll be time to leave.

Here’s a gratuitous photooo of the moomincabin living room. I did a simple 180 from taking the chitchen photooo to get this one. That’s how small this place is.

It really wasn’t a beach day today but it was pretty warm down there at the end of the day. UKW and the Beach Urchins and I dragged ourselves into Gitchee Gumee, which is actually pretty warm this summer but felt chilly today until we got all the way under… Here I *think* Liz is checking out the aftermath of one of the triplets tipping a kayak. [he was fine!]

We have a totem pole going here…

And I have a dinner helper from Callyforny…

And a ceegar smoker outside the chitchen window.


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