Non-Thanksgiving Day

Non-Thanksgiving Day morning.

The old lighthouse-keepers house is not really haunted (I don’t think) but we used to pretend it was so we could scare the bejabbers out of ourselves. Well, I was always scared. Not sure about everybody else.

Nowadays, it is scary enough just kayaking around the bay sometimes. Even when I don’t run into The Cylinder. Because sometimes stuff like this happens…

And this…

And then there’s this old dock from back in the 1800s when they were hauling logs out of the bay. I think. If this thing isn’t haunted, I don’t know what is.

But enough of the day-dreaming. It was non-Thanksgiving Day and there was grokkery shopping and food preparation and table hauling and a sneak trip down to Rudyard for Besteman’s maple syrup. Anyway, onion goggles anyone?

Smokin’ out the moe-skee-toes with a bunch of stuff hanging on the clothesline in the background.

Non-Thanksgiving! Our original vision was to actually cook Thanksgiving-like food for non-Thanksgiving. There was even talk of a deep-fried turkey, which I have never experienced. As the date approached we bagged all of that in favor of hanger-burgers and hotdogs and typical summer fare. It’s all good. We had representatives from all four branches of the Fin Fam and the only person who didn’t make it was the Mogog. I mean person in the area, that is. The Fin Fam is scattered all over our beauteous country and if every single member of it had been in attendance, I think our deck would’ve collapsed. As it was, we had 24 people or thereabouts.

Remember a while back when I predicted there would be moments of angst and disagreement during my summer vacation busman’s holiday at the Moominbeach? Well, those happened today. I am just now considering letting the GG out of the doghouse. Despite that, we have a lot to be thankful for. Not to get all maudlin but I guess the main thing I am thankful for at the moment is that my grandaddy and his buddies made various expotitions out here (on foot or by rowboat or even train) back in the early part of the 20th century and managed to scrabble enough money together to buy a piece of lumbered-over land with a beach in front of it.

Good night, –Kayak Woman.

One Response to “Non-Thanksgiving Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never had deep fried turkey either, but I’ve heard that it’s a LOT of mess. It sounds good though. Arguments? My family specializes in them. They’re pretty normal whenever that many people get together. 😉