“It was hot and sticky and I was feelin’ kinda crunchy”

We are having one of those days around here. The kind where things don’t exactly work out perfectly. Like when I tried to burn Mouse’s bread (and the cabin) down. Nothing like putting a pot of spaghetti sauce on the back burner and turning on the front burner. The one that Mouse’s bread dough is rising on top of. With one of my fav-o-rite dish towels draped over it.

I was happily ensconced over on the couch when Mouse came in to check on her bread and noticed FLAMES on top of the stove. Sorry, I don’t have a photooo of that. I was kind of standing there with my mouth open trying to decide whether or not to scream and who to scream for. Mouse was better prepared. She grabbed the baking soda and put out the faaaarrrr. It bears mentioning that earlier in the week, we did not HAVE baking soda out here and had to snag some from the Squatter’s Paradise.

After all that, the Mogog came over to cadge a G&T and dinner (and he has a standing invitation by the way). He was greatly entertained by the GG’s continuing adventures with wifi and webcams in the Great White North.

The sun was over the yardarm by then.

I don’t have any words for this one.

Goooood night. –KW

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