Delirium and Back

“I saw a note once that said the Delirium Wilderness was a pretty unhospitable place to be.” So said the GG, as we were two-tracking the Indefatigable into the Delirium Wilderness today. I do not know what “note” he was talking about but whoever wrote it was right. We came to a dead end right here:


Folks, that sign says “Foot travel welcome. Closed to all public motor vehicle use.” It looked like the trail hadn’t been used in about a century by feet or any other form of locomotion. I got out of the Indefatigable to take a picture and was immediately swarmed by those lacy-winged biting flies. SWARMED! Hike? No, thank you. At least not today in my tank top, shorts, and teva sandals. Anyway, we were out to explore the western Chippewa County forest roads by Jeep Wrangler, not hike. We got back into the Indefatigable and there were about twelve of those flies hanging around the ceiling. I thought I would have to slap ’em all dead. But as we started to drive, they just started dropping off the ceiling, never to be seen again. Were there some toxic fumes in the Indefatigable or what?

We two-tracked our way outta that place pretty fast. We skirted south of the old abandoned Raco Airfield, where the Courtois girls and some of their cousins and second cousins learned to drive. We went up into the vicinity of Soldier’s Lake, over to Betchler Lakes, then north of M28, over to the Spectacle Lake Overlook and home. Mostly on roads that are uncivicable, that is, in a honda sort of way.

And I am done now for the night. Publish, woman!

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  1. Mark Says:

    So are you ready for the Great Dismal Swamp (National Wildlife Refuge ) now?