Letters from the Lockview Laundromat

Dear National City,

Canadian coins do not work in the machines here at the Lockview Laundromat. I would greatly appreciate it if you did not include them in your quarter rolls.

Sincerely yours,
Birch Point Washerwoman


Dear nice white-haired older lady,

Thank you for alerting me to the fact that my shirt was inside out. I mean the one I was wearing, not one of the ones I was washing. I thought something was a little funny about it when I put it on this morning. Now I know. Thank you for not mentioning my hair, which, in this humidity, must look like it was attacked by a seagull.

Yours Truly,
Birch Point Washerwoman

grok grok. Washerwoman, eh? My frien’ Toady is a better washerwoman than you are! grok! ‘n’ ‘e doesn’ wear ‘is shirt inside out. grok. ‘n’ *he* wears a nice rapern! grokgrok grok

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