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I don’t regard Moosezilla as a serious presidential candidate (not that she cares about my opinion) but she sure can be entertaining. Crappy (but brave! kudos!) flute playing at a beauty pageant aside, I think she has missed her calling.

Note to Al Gore: yaknow, those invalid security certificate popup thingies were not a good idea. More often than not, they don’t mean a dern thing. I mean, I even get them sometimes when I try to log onto my internal work site from my work computer. Lemme just say that they confuse the HECK out of most nanamooses! Even My Nanamoose, who has been known to *bludgeon* the dern computer to get whatever she wants out of it. When you get around to re-inventing the Internet, you can just leave those things out!

I don’t regard Newt as a serious presidential candidate either (not that he cares about my opinion). Alas, he is not as good an entertainer as Moosezilla. Or maybe he is. Betcha he doesn’t play the flute.

I know it is still August but I think I will pre-order 3-4 pairs of Yaktrax this year because I burned up two pairs of those last winter. Of course, if I stock up on a whole bunch of Yaktrax, we probably won’t have any snow…

Pawlenty keeps asking me to make phone calls for him. Uh, you got the wrong gal, buddy. I do not do phone calls. Tweet somebody else.

Yes, I am following Pawlenty on Twitter. I am following just about any politician who twitters (or has his team twitter for him, which I suspect Tpaw is probably doing for the most part). A number of people are running for president in 2012. I wanna know who they are and what they are all about. Instrument? Hmmm. Clarinet maybe?

With Farmer John at work, I almost do not have to go to the grokkery store. Almost. He does not have a tortilla tree on his backyard farm.

Today, for the first time (I do not watch TV), I saw a picture of our maybe (or maybe not) newest presidential candidate, Rick Perry. For the first time, I think I know what Elizilla is talking about when she refers to Politician Hair. Instrument? Football. I’m just guessing here. I have no idea 😉

And do beware the Gallinipper! My Mouse stopped by to unearth some yarn and I dunno what else just after I got home from work this afternoon. I showed her a gallinipper and then I gave her an inoculation for encounters with the gallinipper.

Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the gallinippers bite.


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