If bad luck comes in threes, I’ll take these three aka Boatventure

It is raining here in the Great Lake State today. It has rained on and off all day just about everywhere in the state as near as I can figger. Well, at least it has here at Houghton Lake. I do hope our intrepid cyclist adventurers are dry today. I’m sure that they’ll report in sooner or later. We are here at Houghton Lake. It was boring for quite a bit of the day but then… Well… We hitched up the Green Boat to the Mean Green Frog Hopping Musheen, as you can see here. And you can also see the not raccoon proof garbage container here.

Y’know. If whenever I am in a situation where there is a vee-hickle or boat or trailer failure, I am always calm when one or two or three of the Courtois boyz are there to figger things out. The Twinz of Terror, their brother Jim, and the Lord of Linden is no slouch either, although he wasn’t there today.

We got thru that little incident relatively unscathed and towed the green boat without any further problems. The mission was to put the Green Boat into Houghton Lake.

The boat engine sounded good at first but it petered out not too far from shore. That was okay (I thought but others may have disagreed). A storm was rolling in… I wonder if the jet-skiers who set off as the Green Boat was returning had a good trip…

We eventually got back to the Group Home and the Twinz of Terror were plotting and planning about their upcoming trip to Montana…

And then, the power went out… but it was okay because we grilled everything…

And them the power came back on.

One Response to “If bad luck comes in threes, I’ll take these three aka Boatventure”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Rain and boats that don’t run–been there done that! Where are the Twinz going in MT? As you know, we just got back from there. 🙂