Back on the planet of gallinippers, rabid bats, and political correctness at all costs

It was a loverly but rainy weekend at the Group Home at Houghton Lake but I would’ve preferred to have our crash landing back here on the Planet Ann Arbor occur about an hour earlier than it did. Getting home between five and 5:30 is just about perfect. Too late to get too involved in any major chores around here but early enough to get over to the Plum Market to get grokkeries for dinner.

As it happened today, we didn’t get home until after six and then I didn’t get back from the Plum until almost seven and *then* I couldn’t get my laptop to go on the internet. And that was because we all kept getting knocked off the internet up at the Group Home and *that* was because the “switch” assigns addresses dynamically and that would be okay except that back when we first had broadband internet at the Group Home, there might’ve been 2-3 computers online at one time at best but now there are more like 12 or 15 or 20 with all of the laptops, phones, and tablets and things. *I* had three of those all by myself this weekend and I’m not exactly sure how many devices the GG travels with. He grabs up just about any old MacBook type thing that we all shed and repurposes it. And so, with all those devices, the switch gets confused. It’s hard to believe that the ISPs who provide broadband wifi once thought they could get people to pay for service for EACH device. That obviously didn’t work. Anyway, the GG changed the network settings on my laptop this morning so it wouldn’t be constantly knocked off internet at Houghton Lake. And that made it impossible for me to get on the internet at home tonight. He fixed that too.

And then I was getting around to making a ‘hattan and I discovered that I had three (THREE, count ’em) bottles of dry vermouth but NO bottles of sweet vermouth. I discovered that *after* I had gone to the store. What a tragedy. The GG saved the day.

And it smells like garbage near the Landfill Chitchen sink… Even though that’s not where I keep the garbage…

Are we having fun yet?

I am making light of the gallinippers but not the rabid bats. The gallinippers are harmless — they don’t even carry West Nile Virus or Equine Encephalitis, or so they say. Rabid bats are a bit scarier. So far, two have been found in Washtenaw County this year. That’s about average. If I do run into a bat in my house, I hope it is flapping around in the toilet, like the one Radical Betty encountered once when she got up to use the bathroom at that batscope hour of the morning (hee hee, snort snort, get it?). Political correctness? I’m too taarrrred to think about that tonight.

Photo credit to @mouseleen. I think I actually *know* the chalk artist (under a different name) in real life…

2 Responses to “Back on the planet of gallinippers, rabid bats, and political correctness at all costs”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    We came home early from Harstine today (so I could play with glass — usually I’m too wiped out on week nights to do it) and I stuck a roast in the oven. Smells awesome! I had to smile about you being out of sweet vermouth. I used to make those all the time! It’s been a while.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like bats!! And I don’t like the smell of garbage, especially where it’s not supposed to be. My younger daughter has the unfortunate habit of putting fruit/food remains in whatever garbage she is near to, in spite of my reminders to ONLY USE THE ONE UNDER THE KITCHEN SINK. (which gets emptied regularly) We’ve found a few nasty surprises in our upstairs garbage.