Read at your own risk

<grump-n-growl>I need an apparation app. Floo powder will not do. I think floo powder might land me in an oubliette somewhere in 14th century Scotland. Or maybe with one arm in SanFran and the other in Fla. Anyway. I was sitting here in the Landfill Chichen this morning doing my usual little round of morning internet chores. You know. Checking deleting spam email. Checking twitter and facebook and Google reader. Deleting more spam email. Logging on to my bank accounts.

It was time to go to work. I did not wanna move. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to work. I wanted to be at work, in my loverly dog-poopy cube. I did not want to drive there. I wanted to be able to touch a series of buttons on my iPhone, enter a secret code and (ka-bam!) be at work. I don’t normally mind my wee little 8-mile commute. I thought for a bit… Is my Celtic Sixth Sense kicking in? Do I not want to drive to work because something is gonna happen on the way to work? My Celtic Sixth Sense is not all that reliable except in hindsight, so eventually I dragged myself out to the Ninja and drove to work. And it was okay. The worst thing was the big oil tanker screaming along in the right lane on my entrance to the I94 18-wheel Clogway. It’s the eastbound entrance at Jackson, if you’re familiar with Planet A2 geography. The entrance ramp is a 20-mph hairpin with almost no visibility. I do it [almost] every day and I’ve seen it all. Having only *one* big ugly semi screaming along in the right lane while I’m trying to merge is a *good* thing.

Man, am I grumpy this week. I dunno exactly why. Nothing truly horrible has happened (knock on wood BIG TIME)! In truth, there have been some good times. But a series of of minor but annoying little incidents have been adding up. I think maybe I got to the absolute end last night when I went back into the Chitchen to clean up the rest of the dishes. With more wild abandon than I should’ve employed, I flung one of the GG’s fav-o-rite glasses into the dish drainer (no working dishwasher here). Except I missed! And it careened onto the floor and, being the kind of glass it is, shattered into billions of little bitsy pieces of glass. The kind that can get into your thumb (or wherever) and stay there for years. The GG yelled, “Don’t move!” [Because I was barefoot. I do not wear shoes in my house.] He cleaned it up the best he could with a broom and dustpan and then, when I was calm again (because I was not really calm when it happened), I ran Rooooomba. My poor little Rooooomba went back and forth over that floor until she ran out of battery. She did do the job though. No glass.

I need a vacation from my life but I will not get one any time soon because I do not have any significant amount of vacation time left. I need just an iota or two or three of good times and definitely some kind of good news. I do not know what that means. All I know is that this week has been a blasted bust so far.</grump-n-growl>

Actually, I was better by the time I wrote this. Catch a wave…

2 Responses to “Read at your own risk”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Venting on my blog always makes me feel better and sometimes I end up laughing at myself by the end of the rant. Glad you’re better. Some weeks are just made for grumpitude.

  2. jane Says:

    and then there was the drive to work this morning with the big traffic back-up due to flashing red lights at the super busy intersection.

    and perhaps you can look forward to dinner Saturday wtih Le Marquis and Pooh – will you guys be in town and available?