Yaknow that village they’re always trying to shove down our throats…

I grew up in one of those villages that “they” are always trying to shove down our throats.

I did grow up in a small town and there was a certain amount of village-ness going on there but what I am really thinking of is being a kid at the Moominbeach. When we were at the moominbeach for the summer, we didn’t knock on other people’s doors. We just barged in. We were looking for a cuzzint or maybe one of the McNott crew. We weren’t rude at all. That was just the beach custom. A mom and/or grandma was usually there keeping house or whatever, dressed for casual company and ready to deal with whatever kid came in the door. Us kids were polite when talking to that mom and/or grandma. Our parents/grandparents all knew each other and they taught us to be respectful of adults. And so we may have banged in the door without knocking but, once we were in, we darn well were polite!

In the Fin family, the custom was to address the aunts and uncles by their first names: Don & Katie, Jack & Fran, Betty & Duke, Bubs & Harry. There was no “Aunt Fran” or whatever. I’m not saying that it’s bad for anyone to want to be titled with “Aunt” or “Uncle” or whatever. If the title fits, wear it. But I don’t need a title. I am Anne or Kayak Woman. I prefer Kayak Woman…

And so… The Moomincabin aka VGLLC has not been occupied for much of the summer. It is locked but trusted people have a key. If you are a relative and I have told you who has a key, you have my permission to access our cabin. Anyone else? Beware of the bare bear. That is all.

Love y’all,

2 Responses to “Yaknow that village they’re always trying to shove down our throats…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like my neighborhood growing up. Now people are much more reserved and stay to themselves. I do have a couple of very friendly neighbors–like my LDS ones. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    I prefer Banana for you. but really, just to clarify which Anne I am referring to I suppose. 😉