There’s a rock out there…

But that’s a whole ‘nother topic. I mean, I don’t *know* that a rock caused this loverly little vee-hickle problem. It could have, I suppose. But prob’ly not.

Anyway… The GG posted this cryptic status on facebook:

had two flat tires in remote Montana forest – car still in forest – need repairs and need to get to Kalispell Airport for 2 pm flight – other than that … had a pretty good day

Our nephew posted a much more coherent status:

Most messed up night ever. TWO flat tires on the back roads of Montana. Drove 15 miles on a flat, leaving scrapes on the road (and sparks). We were still 10 miles away from home when random strangers in a pick-up truck stopped and helped us get home. The rental is still sitting on the side of the road. Flight home is tomorrow. How do we get to the airport?

I don’t know the whole story here. I *think* it goes something like this. Twinz of Terror take a craptastic rental car out on the back roads of Montana. One taaaarrr goes flat. They fix it and go on their merry way. Another taaarrrr goes flat. Ooops. Any other persons within a 20-mile radius? Not. Cell phone service? Not so much. They are in grizzly country. They drive 15 miles with a flat taaarrrr until finally, they encounter a pick-up truck containing a good samaritan or two. Obviously they made it back to civilization because the last I heard from the GG, he was at the Minneapolis airport.

Here? Willabee’s for breakfast. FV for lunch, bracketed by a bunch of errands with the Commander, then back out for a couple hours of beach day. We were twittering and facebooking and stuff, so we knew that it was 93 degrees when the first UMich feetsball game of the season began on the Planet Ann Arbor. A game that, if I’m remembering correctly, was eventually canceled because of severe weather. Look elsewhere for the whole story on that. I am not on the Planet tonight and I am not yer go-to entity fer feetsball news and info in any event.

And. Yes. There is a rock in the water here. A big rock. It is just this side of the second sandbar. NpJane found it. I thought she was kidding me. Get out, NpJane. It is weird to have a rock in the water here. We have this long sandy beach with rocks at either end. Very few rocks along our beach or the shallow sandbar system connected to it. I don’t really understand the geology here. It has been like this since long before I was born. There was a big cement cheerio in front of the Old Cabin when I was a kid. We always used to play on it when we swam. It disappeared quite a while back (although a quarter of it or so surfaced at a Piedy July 4th party a couple summers back). But now there seems to be a rock. A big rock…

I am babbling incoherently here on the shores of Gitchee Gumee. Good night!

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