A Mondayer Tuesday than most Mondays

I was actually not late getting out the door this morning. “Late” being a relative term because I don’t punch a timeclock. (I’m sure I have written that umpteen brazillion times. Just hit me.) Hello. The Long Suffering Cat Herding Person’s vee-hickle was already there when I got to work. I almost always beat him in, more often than not by quite a bit. Um. Do I need to look sharp? Naw. Everybody was struggling this morning and so was our building’s Internet connection, which is supposed to be a T3 but was acting more like dial-up. Anyway, for a few hours, almost everyone was kind of rubbing their eyes, wondering what they did for a living. Now. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t working. We are in the design world and sometimes our best ideas come when it doesn’t look like we are working. Like when we are having processing dreams. Or walking. And more than half of my teammates are walkers. Or even just staring at the screen in a zen kind of way. Or checking the news. (Or facebook.)

Anyway, my beloved cube neighbor snapped me out of the zone in the late morning by dragging me into the LSCHP’s office where we all proceeded to hammer away at a very basic bit of confusion that keeps getting kicked down the road. One that I have been able to more or less ignore because my part of this mega-prodject doesn’t have to directly address it. I *think* we all came outta there with a complete understanding of the whole thing. It wasn’t easy. Whatever happened in there, it kicked me out of my zen zombie zone into active coding/writing/thinking because it fed into one of my newer prodjects. That is a good thing.

Hee hee. Remember those seven bags of food from yesterday. I put away all of the perishables yesterday. There are three bags of non-perishables left in the Landfill Front Room. The GG’s employer is doing a food drive this week. I am happy to donate food to that but I had to stop him from directly schlepping those bags out to whichever vee-hickle he plans on driving tomorrow. I do not think his employer (aka the Federal government) would be too happy to find a bottle of Ten High in with all the donated food. I will sort all of that stuff out tomorrow and send some reasonable (and legal) food donations in with him on Thursday. Including some stuff from the Landfill.

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