Pack it in and pack it out

Back here on the Landfill again. Crash landing? Still assessing. Seven (and oh maybe about a 10th) bags o’ food (count ’em). Only one (and oh maybe about a 10th) came from the Squatter’s Paradise. Two bags of garbage, one big, one small. A grokkery bag and two six-packs worth of returnable bottles that aren’t easily returnable in the Yoop. I mean they won’t go thru the self-serve bottle return kiosk at Glen’s or Supervalu. And a bag of recyclables that I didn’t dump in Sault Ste. Siberia yesterday. Where do I start…

I dunno. We have to get better at packing food and stuff in and out when we go to the moomincabin. Credit to Dogmomster for the “pack it in and pack it out” phrase. All of us buy stuff and leave it there. I am one of the worst offenders. You know how it goes. “I don’t know what’s up there, and maybe there isn’t any, uh, ketchup (just for example). So I’ll buy some and bring it up and I’ll haul it back home at the end of the weekend. But of course, there *is* some ketchup up there and it has already been opened. But before I find the ketchup that *is* there, I open up the new bottle. So now there are two dern bottles of ketchup. And guess who has to schlep them down to the Landfill at the penultimate end of the summer. (Penultimate end? language nit-pickers?)

The trouble is that I *want* to have food and drink up there for when people visit. I want people to have what they want to eat and drink available as much as possible. And that is more possible than it used to be before Glen’s and Supervalu (and yes, even the Walmart superstore) were in Sault Ste. Siberia. Plus! We had a *wonderful* time hosting parties and things. UKW’s birthday. Our summer version non-Thanksgiving party. I want to keep doing those things. Forever.

Anyway, I packed all that crap plus my personal belongings into the Frog Hopper this morning and hit the road. I was a couple hours behind Dogmomster but, although my trip had a few slowdowns, it was not too bad for Labour Day. Labor Day is the ONLY day that a person can WALK across the Mackinac Bridge and my crappy photooo shows that. Point and shoot takes on a whole new form here, as I was, you know, DRIVING, while I took this photoooo. I was under 40 mph at this point but not too much under and I was driving on that awful steel grid that makes the Ninja drive as squirrely as all getout. But I was driving the frog hopper today and I still had to pay extra attention. Anyway, if you are a kid and your parents are driving on the steel grid, you can look down outta your window back in the back seat and see the water in the Straits of Mackinaw below you.

This trip to the moomincabin was a busy one as all trips north have been in the last six months. I was blessed with DogMomster’s help and companionship (or is it comradeship?). At any rate, I am now dealing (in some way) with four households: The Landfill, The moomincabin, the Squatter’s Paradise, and FV. Plus I have a job. And kids, well, not that they need me for anything (what did I do right?). So, I can do this but, more than any time in my life, I am constantly re-evaluating things. And I can do that. But maybe I can haz downtime again someday? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Home at the Landfill. Grilling little filets that I bought and marinated and threw in the freezer last Thursday night. Texted GG yesterday to thaw them. Grilled corn and salad…

Love y’all,

10 Responses to “Pack it in and pack it out”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Actually, looking at the photooo, I was *not* on the metal grid. I took the photooo before that…

  2. Karen F Says:


    Thinking that maybe we can try for a “Gang of Three” (you, me, GG) for Thanksgiving or some other excuse for a long weekend up there to start going thru the house? Then top it off with a T-Day meal with The Comm somehow….

    Maybe by then I’ll have a “new car”, one that can have a trailer hitch (if needed to help haul stuff)….

  3. Margaret Says:

    Great dinner, but crazy life. 4 residences, sort of? That would make me feel very scattered. I would hate seeing water below. If there are stairs that are open and I can look down, I freeze. (terrified of heights)

  4. jay Says:

    Someday I am going to do that bridge walk

  5. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Well, two residences, sort of, here. And it’s true — keeping track of what’s there and what’s not has tended to result in too much of some things (and the gull-derned absence of others). Cans of Stag steak chili? Oh, about 5 last time I noticed. And did I think to haul a few home? No. I am TRYING to keep a list going on my iPhone Note app what we are running out of at Harstine. It helps, as long as I remember to LOOK at it.

  6. Pooh Says:

    You take a Big Mac photo every time you cross it, maybe a corresponding picture of the cabin fridge and shelves, showing that yes, there is ketchup. BTW, thanks for the flour, and if you need any flour, there is now flour in the canister at the old cabin. (Possibly a ten-year supply, tee-hee.)

  7. kayak woman Says:

    I usually only take a bridge photo going north. I’m a bit OCD about it. I am thinking of implementing some sort of Internet or email system for tracking fridge contents, etc. Gotta figger out some plan though. Yesterday, I texted the GG from the rest area to warn him that I had a lot of flinging to do when I got home and he’d best be prepared to give me some space!

    K, thinking about thanksgiving. We could eat at FV. Might be a nice thing to do. But I am torn because Mouse will probably have to work that weekend. So, not sure what to…

  8. kayak woman Says:

    Rest area north of Lansing, that is. Typing on phone…

  9. Mac Says:

    Set up a Google Doc account for the cabin or use Evernote or similar cloud service so you have only one inventory list that gets updated.

  10. kayak woman Says: