Well, it snowed over there in that state next to us.

Er, yeah. “That state next to us” is Commander-speak for Wisconsin. I can’t corroborate that it snowed in Wisconsin yesterday or whenever it was. All I know is that the ambient temperature here on the Planet took a dive this morning and there are frost warnings for tonight. Although I acclimated pretty well to living on the surface of the sun this summer, I am ready for this. Bring it on! Maybe it’ll get rid of the dern moe-skee-toes once and for all!

Actually, this is not unseasonable weather for the Great Lake State at all. I can remember putting on little knit KMart-type glubs to walk the beach urchins to school on cold September mornings. And I can can even dredge up a Labor Day weekend memory from the Jurassic Age. We always stayed at the moomincabin until Labor Day and we were down on the beach the Sunday before that year. Us kids were swimming despite the fact that there were scrappy little bits of snow in the air and all the adults were wearing their winter jackets. It’ll get warm again here before Old Man Winter arrives to stay. Or not.

And I am not at all poking fun at The Commander. Well maybe just a little bit but she reads this and she can take it. In truth, I am continually amazed at the stamina she has in the face of adversity. She has been through a lot in the last few months, including several moves, yet she is determined to keep up a positive attitude. I hope I can emulate that when I am 90, assuming I make it to that venerable age.

Moom, you go girl! Love, Kayak Woman


2 Responses to “Well, it snowed over there in that state next to us.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not used to mosquitoes, so I would probably be very annoyed by them. They don’t like me much though. I’ve always sworn it’s because I wear citrus-y perfume. Our weather has cooled down a lot and bye bye sun. Can’t we have something in between?

  2. Sam Says:

    LOVE the photo!