I turned on facebook chat last night after a long hiatus. My California kid (no, she is not a “kid”, but she is *my* kid) was futzing around with facebook chat and she was trying to connect with the GG but he is sort of a facebook pooh-pooher and he wasn’t responding. So, all of a sudden, some sort of app apparated in front of my browser and I grabbed onto it and suddenly I was facebook chatting with my lovely child in Cali.

I remember back in the Pleistocene (aka, the 1960s) when there first started to be talk of a phone that would allow people to see each other while they were talking. Once during that era, a friend called me up and told me she could see me over the phone. She had a see-a-phone. Say what? She was rich. Her mom had died when she was born and her dad doted on her. I wasn’t terribly gullible but, who knew? Did she really have a see-a-phone? My grandparents were among the first to get color RV TV (er, in Sault Ste. Siberia, definitely not on the Planet Earth) but I didn’t think my family would have a see-a-phone any time in the in the foreseeable future. But maybe her dad had managed to wangle one from someone (an alien, perhaps)? But then, how could she see *me* since I was talking on my parents’ crappy old fashioned black dial tellyphone. Well, of *course* she didn’t have a see-a-phone. That technology didn’t happen for all of us in the masses until my own children were young adults.

Today? I walked with one of those adult children over to the Plum Market to buy grokkeries. She brought laundry over here and ate bbq chicken with us for dinner. And now she and Lairi the Rake are wandering around their old childhood neighborhood (and maybe over to Knight’s Pub) in the dark. Mouse and Lairi have been friends since about kindergarten and, after attending different high schools, they were college roommates sophomore year at Kalamazoo. I hope they have fun and don’t run into any of my fav-o-rite skunk friends.

Gooooood niiiiiight!

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