News from the north

The news from the north is reported by none other than The Commander, who had a fight with a “big bug” today. It was at least an inch long and had “fuzzies” and some other stuff that I can’t quite remember. She was unable to catch it and now she can’t find it and hopes that she won’t end up sleeping with it!

The Comm is not generally afraid of insects and other creepy-crawlies. Except for spiders. She does not like spiders but, over the last 87 years or so, she has developed a pretty good method for dispatching any spiders that get in her way. She grabs a paper towel and kind of snatches up the poor little spidey with the paper towel and flings the whole mess into the garbage. I have my own weird little insect phobia but I am not particularly freaked out by spiders. I regularly share my shower with spiders. Of course I have also had the pleasure of sharing my shower with frogs back when we still had the moldy old cabin at Houghton Lake.

Nevertheless, there are times when I have used The Comm’s spider eradication technique. Usually just when the dern thing is in my way. Or somebody else’s way. Like once, the summer before Elizilla’s college sophomore year, when she arrived home from wherever a few hours before I get up in the morning to find a spider in her room. “Moom, can you get this spider outta here?” I think that spider was harmless but it was ugly enough that I grabbed a paper towel and did the dirty deed. I guess I learned *something* from my mother.

In general, I am happy and relieved that The Comm is chasing big bugs and walking around outside et al. She has not been feeling very well for a few days. It seems that a garden variety cold has gotten her down and it’s the second one since late August. So she is battling both the insect kind of bug and the respiratory virus kind of bug. But she seems to be conquering at least the respiratory virus (with the help of the wonderful FV staff). You go Moom!

2 Responses to “News from the north”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I get rid of spiders the same way the Commander does! Sometimes I use Kleenex or toilet paper though. I also have been known to step on it before I throw it in the garbage.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m OK if I can see the critter, but if it disappears, I’m sure it must be on me somewhere. I use the paper towel technique also!