Bah-tender, ah’ll have a manhattan!

It was a day of cold wind and somewhat scattered rain showers, so I looked at the weather on my phone in the late morning to try and figure out if it would be possible to take a walk at lunch today since I managed to forget my umbrella this morning. (Note to self: Take an umbrella into work and put it in the drawer with your bizcaz shoes.) It wasn’t raining at the moment and the radar thingy didn’t show much rain coming in but what were those areas of light pink up there by Saginaw? Ice? I’m sure the roads were not slippery but it’s a-coming’. I walked out the door and it started spitting rain at me. By the time I got to the end of the parking lot, it was coming down hard enough that I wimped out and high-tailed it back to the safety and comfort of our warm dry building.

I was more prepared for the weather this afternoon. I got home from work, changed into a silk/wool turtleneck, cotton scarf, polartech jacket, leggings, smart wool socks, and glubs. Threw an umbrella into my backpack and I was off. Downtown. Bah-tender, ah’ll have a manhattan. Two of those and dinner and I was totally done in. So, here’s a loverly shot of the Liberty/Main intersection and I am done. Good night. Seeya in the next episode.

One Response to “Bah-tender, ah’ll have a manhattan!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Friday nights do me in, PERIOD. I did mow the back lawn and run; you and I both like our exercise. It makes me feel relaxed, or what passes for relaxed in my world.