A quest for public art. And fungus.

There is a big flap going on here on The Planet Ann Arbor about earmarking (or whatever) a small percentage of the tax receipts for “public” art. I am not 100% against spending public money on art but I have to say that I am in with those who say our loverly elected officials do not have their priorities straight.

To date, our loverly planet has two official installations of public art (that I know of). It is Sunday so we needed some kind of a hiking or kayaking trip. I decided that we would walk downtown and search out these two new public art installations and maybe any other art we encountered.

I had a grandiose idea about comparing public works of art to various fungi (and this was *well* before the sun got anywhere near the yardarm, so go figger). Enh… I am sorry but by the time I had put nine miles on my iPhone pedometer, I was outta steam for any kind of coherent political rant. And so you are getting fungus. Doesn’t this fungi-encrusted branch look like a shower head?

I dredged some more stuff outta the Landfill Dungeon, ran Roooooomba, walked nine miles (I know I already said that), moved about I dunno maybe 70 rocks in the back yard. I made a rockpile. I am taarrred. My face feels hot and a few of my muscles are on the verge of aching. It’s okay, I think I’m a bit sunburned and those muscles are telling me, “thank you for using me!” I feel good!

Is this crappy old jalopy public art or fungus? You decide. I personally think there is probably some fungus in there somewhere.

After I hauled all those rocks around, I called The Commander (and woke her up from a nap, darn it!) and took a second shower. The GG had to head off to work for a couple hours and so we are just now getting ready to cook our loverly salmon and probably the last Michigan corn on the cob we will get.

Love y’all,

2 Responses to “A quest for public art. And fungus.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    9 miles–WOW!! Salmon=extreme goodness. I’m jealous. I don’t know what we’re having, but nothing that fancy.

  2. DogMomster Says:

    I can still get corn-on-cob at our local farmers’ market… at least last Sunday’s. Will see with this coming Sunday’s. Just might spring for some (er, ok, FALL for some). Along with some other Fall Veggie Goodness.